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by sweetpickles
15. Feb 2020, 21:43
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: Valentine's Weekend
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Re: Valentine's Weekend

O C3
by sweetpickles
14. Feb 2020, 22:07
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: Valentine's Day
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Re: Valentine's Day

It's ok I guess. It's a day to allow you to show your love to a special someone. But I do that everyday anyways. It has also become too commercial Most exquisite way would be spending quality time with those I love. To all others I would say don't wait for a special day to profess your feelings of l...
by sweetpickles
8. Feb 2020, 11:25
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: February 2020 - 2nd Weekend
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Re: February 2020 - 2nd Weekend

First word accross: MAGOIA
by sweetpickles
1. Feb 2020, 22:57
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: February 2020 - 1st weekend
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Re: February 2020 - 1st weekend


Let every test feel useful

by sweetpickles
26. Jan 2020, 00:27
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Topic: Chinese New Year 2020
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Re: Chinese New Year 2020

X C3
by sweetpickles
18. Jan 2020, 23:40
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: 3rd Weekend of 2020 :)
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Re: 3rd Weekend of 2020 :)

Since my first post seems to have disappeared (?) I will post again I am a boomer. When most Mother's jobs were being home to take care of their kids Wars and fighting: Korea and Vietnam Taught to work hard to get what you needed to survive. Protests including Vietnam War and Women's rights Hippies ...
by sweetpickles
15. Jan 2020, 23:37
Forum: Praise and complaint
Topic: page arrow
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Re: page arrow

Just a quick question please. Why do we need the arrow? We were all doing fine without it and in all honesty, I don't use it at all. Too many times the answers to players problems have been "It Can't Be Changed Or Fixed". Well, without the players, you wouldn't have much of a game, would you? Just t...
by sweetpickles
11. Jan 2020, 23:57
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: 2nd Weekend of 2020
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Re: 2nd Weekend of 2020

My personal goal is to just wake up each day. Ageing is a great teacher. You learn to appreciate the littlest things like just waking up. My dream would be to awaken without any pain.
by sweetpickles
10. Jan 2020, 00:24
Forum: Hints and tactics
Topic: Check your Forum Sign In After Clearing Cache Files
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Check your Forum Sign In After Clearing Cache Files

I have a system after sign in to the Game. First I check all of my gardens and clear and replant them. Then I check for any guild messages I may have missed. Then I check on my dragon eggs and make sure they are growing properly. Finally, I do my potions, powder and herbs. Once my home is in order I...
by sweetpickles
26. Dec 2019, 10:09
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Topic: Christmas Day 25th
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Re: Christmas Day 25th

My Magoia Christmas Card would be decorated with a snow covered Crystal tree decorated with fragile frost flowers and little Fire Bell Garland . Above it would be a slightly cloud covered full moon shinning down to light the tree. Around the bottom of the tree would be all the amazing small critters...