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by Gwink
15. Feb 2020, 14:11
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Topic: Valentine's Weekend
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Re: Valentine's Weekend

X on C1 please
by Gwink
15. Feb 2020, 02:47
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Topic: Valentine's Day
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Re: Valentine's Day

Well with the amount of illness and post operative recover in this house ... valentine's day has been postponed!

But do agree that it is much too commercialised. And everyday is an opportunity to say "I love you" to whom, and in whatever form you want to express it!
by Gwink
2. Feb 2020, 12:19
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Topic: February 2020 - 1st weekend
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Re: February 2020 - 1st weekend

Thin Bears Grow Raspberries, Obviously!

Next B G T R F
by Gwink
25. Jan 2020, 21:24
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Topic: Chinese New Year 2020
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Re: Chinese New Year 2020

O on A2
by Gwink
19. Jan 2020, 09:44
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Topic: 3rd Weekend of 2020 :)
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Re: 3rd Weekend of 2020 :)

I'm a boomer, but nearly Gen X. Mostly remember being able to play outside, climb trees and build dens in the woods. As a family I was around 7 before we got a TV or car. And a lot of power cuts (overhead electricity cables), so evenings by candle light. Open fires :-)
by Gwink
12. Jan 2020, 09:22
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Topic: 2nd Weekend of 2020
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Re: 2nd Weekend of 2020

Still recovering from an inner ear virus I picked up before Christmas! When I do the tidying and organising will start in earnest! Is going to be a year of change, with both mine and partners children finding their adult feet on many ways!
by Gwink
4. Jan 2020, 17:12
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Topic: 1st weekend of 2020 - . . .
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Re: 1st weekend of 2020 - . . .

X on 1A
by Gwink
1. Jan 2020, 13:59
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New Years eve is my sisters birthday, but for the last 30 years new years day has been the day we visited my husbands parents with 'Christmas' from 10am to 2pm, then a birthday tea when his sister and family came around for the afternoon!
by Gwink
31. Dec 2019, 22:44
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Topic: New Year's Eve
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Re: New Year's Eve

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year ahead. May God's light guide your way in 2020.
by Gwink
29. Dec 2019, 20:23
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Topic: Ready for 2020? - Preps
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Re: Ready for 2020? - Preps

As the Scots are probably the best at welcoming in the new year ... I would try and represent "Edinburgh;s Hogmanay tartan" which can loosely be described as purple background, black lines with some fine white lines So "Heatfan" for the the background, with "Glint Raffiesia" forming the black.white ...