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by williawc
18. May 2020, 02:28
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Topic: covid lock down
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Re: covid lock down

I'll try... I have doubled the size of my veggie garden, this year will include: corn, squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, eggplant, watermelons, purple & green beans, strawberries and blueberries. And started a new perennial flower garden, including corn flowers dahlias, gladiolus, roses, butterfl...
by williawc
2. Feb 2020, 15:40
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Topic: February 2020 - 1st weekend
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Re: February 2020 - 1st weekend

Never attack the lion envoy

Next: R N D A B
by williawc
2. Jan 2020, 02:41
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I grew up in Las Vegas. What a party!! When my daughter turned 21, I took her to the Party. The Strip is closed to traffic, by foot only & its packed. At 1200 the fireworks start at one end moving down the street. We had a blast As we move into this new start, blessing be upon you and your family fo...
by williawc
2. Jan 2020, 02:35
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Topic: New Year's Eve
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Re: New Year's Eve

Happy New Year, may you receive the best of what the year has to offer
by williawc
28. Dec 2019, 19:09
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Topic: Warm up to 2020
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Re: Warm up to 2020

I don't do resolutions - no disappointment that way But I do set realistic goals 1) I have got everything for a 500 gallon rain water catchment (yes!) - get it set up before the spring rains (half way there already) - triple the size of the veggie garden - stop hauling water 2) I have 12 fruit/nut t...
by williawc
25. Dec 2019, 15:18
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Topic: Christmas Day 25th
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Re: Christmas Day 25th

Oh, mine is a simple card

Front is a blue poinsettia (s), maybe trimmed in gold flakes, no writing
In an elegant font, the inside says, "Wishing You the Very Best of What the Season Has to Offer and for a Wonderful New Year"
by williawc
24. Dec 2019, 14:57
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Topic: Christmas Day 24 - guess...
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Re: Christmas Day 24 - guess...

The Reindeer!!

I'm short, I make presents, and Ms. Claus brings us hot chocolate & cookies
by williawc
23. Dec 2019, 18:37
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Topic: Christmas Count Down Day 23
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Re: Christmas Count Down Day 23

On the first day of Christmas Prince Moron sent his Queen a … Garnet pendent On the second day of Christmas Prince Moron sent his Queen two ..Amethyst arm bands On the third day of Christmas Prince Moron sent his Queen three ....Aquamarine broches On the fourth day of Christmas Prince Moron sent his...
by williawc
22. Dec 2019, 15:39
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Topic: Christmas Day 22 - Wish!
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Re: Christmas Day 22 - Wish!

I'm going to be selfish this year...
While I have lot of friends & a great daughter (love them all)
I wish for a real love this year
by williawc
21. Dec 2019, 16:37
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Topic: Christmas Countdown Day 21
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Re: Christmas Countdown Day 21

Awww!! Thanks Karen!! That would be fun to watch! I selected a team, not a person. The moderators & managers (AlizAlizA, Tinkerbell, Quicksilver, Maleela, Eddard and Gundohar) (Sorry if I missed anyone) They are always there when we need them and ready to help out!! I would send them on a trip...may...