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by Aeris64
26. Sep 2018, 00:02
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: Surprize Event 30
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Re: Surprize Event 30

Locations: 1. Aqua Garden: ---1. 2 lightening bugs on the fences ---2. a frog on a lily pad 2. Rock Garden: ---1. bunny in a hottub LOL 3. Honey Garden: ---1. 3 Honey Bees flying ---2. 1 Racoon in a tree trunk ---3. 2 bunnies behind a stump 4. Root Garden ---1. Newt hanging on a rock upper left 5. D...
by Aeris64
23. Sep 2018, 19:54
Forum: Ideas and suggestions for improvement
Topic: dragon flowers
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Re: dragon flowers

I agree with the original post - I too have "backed out" of sending my dragons to go to inventory to check on the number of each dragon plant I have before sending. I had been in the habit of just sending for the Dragon Stars but recently brews to open new plants have chewed through the dragon orchi...
by Aeris64
16. Sep 2018, 12:40
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: Weekend Event Sep 15-16
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Re: Weekend Event Sap 15-16

A = Andreja
E = Elke McNally
R = Rita G
I = Inez Moore
S = Sanfordnc
S = Saphira47
F = Flya78
by Aeris64
13. Sep 2018, 14:44
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: Surprise Event 29
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Re: Surprise Event 29

by Aeris64
8. Sep 2018, 09:10
Forum: Clans & Friends
Topic: Magoia Clans
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Re: Magoia Clans

Clan Name: Meraz (One) Clan Leader: Mazzify Chiefs: Aeris64, Inez Moore Created: June 1, 2018 Max # Members: 10 Clan Rank: League 2 Ancestor Dragon: Level 1 Clan Meraz (ONE) is made up of a mix of long-standing Magoia players and new players. We are a fun, united team who strive to keep a mixed bala...
by Aeris64
8. Sep 2018, 07:45
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: Weekend Event 8-9 Sep
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Re: Weekend Event 8-9 Sep

If you are level 31-150: Go to the Gamers League and list your league and five names directly around your name in the league (For instance Callia is in League 21 - Postion 8: So I can list the four people above me OR the three above me and the one below me) Aeris64 Level 149 Gamers League 8 6. Lejo ...
by Aeris64
1. Sep 2018, 00:11
Forum: Games
Topic: Word association game
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Re: Word association game

by Aeris64
1. Sep 2018, 00:03
Forum: Forum-Events
Topic: Funny Quiz 1
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Re: Funny Quiz 1

Recently a routine police patrol parked outside a local neighborhood bar. Late in the evening the officer noticed a man leaving the bar so intoxicated that he could barely walk. The man stumbled around the parking lot for a few minutes with the officer quietly observing. After what seemed an eternit...
by Aeris64
31. Aug 2018, 05:42
Forum: Hints and tactics
Topic: Bored? Confused? Here's what to do with your time.
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Re: Bored? Confused? Here's what to do with your time.

Thank you all for the kind words!! Aeris64
by Aeris64
30. Aug 2018, 01:34
Forum: Hints and tactics
Topic: Your Forum Breakdown... no it's not what you think!!
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Your Forum Breakdown... no it's not what you think!!

WORK IN PROGRESS!! Please be patient! OK - This one is for MODs and a few players! They requested it... All the little secrets you never knew about your forum! (This breakdown is line by line top to bottom)