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by willow
26. Oct 2019, 00:13
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Topic: Halloween Story
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Re: Halloween Story

towards a big, dark cave hidden in amongst the trees that willow was pointing to. When Aliza and the little dragon tried to get Willow to join them she refused, as she began to back away whilst shaking her head, crying and mumbling something that sounded like.....
by willow
26. Oct 2019, 00:01
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Topic: Halloween Day 2
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Re: Halloween Day 2


Hello, allow, hall, hale, ale, whale, lea, wee, wall, all, heal, weal, eel, new, loan, hone, hallow, who, hoe, wheel, wean, lean, heel, woe, own, hen, hew, ewe, low, well, owe, how, won, hell, owl, whole, hole, hale, wale, wane, wan, lone, one, lol, when, alone, lane
by willow
20. Oct 2019, 13:23
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Topic: Good or Bad
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Re: Good or Bad

Good and beautiful
next word
by willow
18. Oct 2019, 00:16
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Topic: My favourite Dragon
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Re: My favourite Dragon

I would love to be able to keep Wringu in Magoia, I love the colours and slinky form of the Chinese dragon to me he's male, he would be loyal, protective and a wee bit sneaky when he needs to be, also full of mischief gathering up and hoarding any shiny gold plants he finds :lol: Drogon from game of...
by willow
8. Oct 2019, 22:55
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Topic: Ending in ARK
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Re: Ending in ARK

something I'm always losing bookmark
by willow
2. Oct 2019, 21:39
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Topic: A short sentence
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Re: A short sentence

1=J, 2=C, 3=Q, 4=G, 5=L, 6=D, 7=O, 8=U, 9=W, 10= M 11=K, 12=T, 13=A, 14=I, 15=X, 16=F, 17=N, 18=Z, 19=V 20=S, 21=Y, 22=E, 23=R, 24=B, 25=P, 26=H Answer RITA.G is walking round her aqua garden and admiring the opal lavender meme1 next 20,8,17,20,26,14,17,22-- 4,9,22,17--4,23,7,9,20,---24,22,13,8,12,1...
by willow
2. Oct 2019, 00:12
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Topic: How can we help more?
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Re: How can we help more?

I honestly cannot think what more you can both do, the time thing I agree with Angel as I get confused as to what time it is in Magoia, and maybe it would be nice if chat could be used to well chat :), but neither of those I think you can do, another moderator or two or three would be nice but I wou...
by willow
25. Sep 2019, 16:13
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Topic: Plants
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Re: Plants

Name 5 plants in Magoia that have "STAR" in the name Name 5 plants in Magoia that have something to do with "FIRE" Name 5 GREEN plants that are grown in Magoia. Wind star, Ruby star, Light star, Aqua star, Nightstar Fire Mushroom, Fire bindweed, Fire Thorn, Fen Fire Twine, Fire Tooth Green Lampion, ...
by willow
25. Sep 2019, 16:04
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Topic: Best and Worst
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Re: Best and Worst

The worst is the time, I have never any idea of what time it is in the game so messages about what time an upgrade etc will take place are meaningless sorry, how much energy everything takes and the lack of is annoying, tree healing is extortionate, upgrading the jigsaw plants I don't think I'll eve...
by willow
24. Sep 2019, 23:27
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Topic: ELF
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