Update on December 6th

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Update on December 6th

Postby kraftstein » 5. Dec 2018, 13:02

Dear players,
on Thursday, Dezember 6, 2018, we will release an update.

More energy:
If you need more than 1000 healing points to heal a tree, the tribal people will give you more energy. With 1300 healing points, there is 60 energy for the tribe inhabitants, 20 more energy.

At the top right of the energy symbol is the chest symbol. You can click on it there. Up to 200 Energy can be stored in the chest. The storage can be extended to 800 energy for water lilies. It can be rented or bought. But it is also included in the gold premium.

- If you visit friends, you can now also click plants that are already fully grown.
- If you are not in a clan, there is no button with clan help when healing trees.
- With the black board, the X was taken out again, which deletes all comments.
- The witch can now also be leveled above level 11.
- Book of goals: If the herbal witch appears there and you click on it, you get exactly there at the witch where the brewery item can be purchased.
- Plant Nursery: You automatically get first to where the tip leads you.
- For the start page, there are now also explanatory texts.
- At the gardener and in the plant nursery, if there the brewery link appears, one comes exactly where this thing is to be brewed.
- The premium design for silver and gold has been improved.

- Tree Healing: If a player has helped someone from the clan, the clan help should now always be credited for tree healing.
- Even if you enter too much text in your profile, the design will no longer be shot off.
- If the clan helps to heal the tree, there are now several pages with the listing.

We wish you lots of fun!
your Magoia-Team
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