Update on May 16th

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15. May 2019, 10:47

Dear players,

on Thursday, May 16th, 2019 we will release another update for you! Finally, the long-awaited Wheel of Fortune arrives! There are also new pages in the Book of Goals.


-On Thursday the wheel of fortune will be introduced to the game and can be accessed via the starting page. Once per day you can spin the wheel for free to receive a lot of great prizes
Additionally, we have implanted a jackpot through which you can win over a thousand water lilies. The current pool of lilies within the jackpot will increase with every participant.
The winner will receive all of the lilies in the pool and his/her name will be displayed on the wheel of fortune.


- It is now possible to expand the book of goals up to 5 pages! You can buy these pages additionally or you get them automatically through the Gold and Silver Premium. But one page will still be available for everyone.

- In the inventory there was an error when displaying the moon trees, there were always 10 trees displayed, this is now fixed and you get a tree that you can plant 10 times.

- From now on you can change the font color in private messages, make the font bold and add links. You can now use BBCodes.

- We've added an additional security query to the avatar system when you purchase clothing. From now on you will be asked again before you buy clothes for friendship bracelets. We want to prevent you from accidentally buying something you don't want.
This security check has also been added to other parts of Magoia.

We wish you lots of fun with these new changes!

Best regards,
Your Magoia Team