Update on July 23rd 2019

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19. Jul 2019, 16:59

Dear players,

on Tuesday, 23rd of July 2019 we will install an update for you! Performance will be improved again with this update. This time it's the brewery that should be faster. You can also upgrade your tree garden from now on!


- Every player who has brought his water garden to the new era can now upgrade the tree garden. To upgrade the tree garden you have to defeat a monster.


- The brewery should be faster. We have improved the performance here.

- If you cancel single days while you are sitting, you will get your days back. So if you have to postpone a holiday or come back earlier, you will get the days when you are no longer doing sitting.

- From now on you can click on the winner in the Wheel of Fortune and directly see their profile.

- If you have received a message and go to the messages, you will always get directly to where you have an unread message.

We wish you a lot of fun with these new changes!

Best regards,
Your Magoia-Team