Update on 10th September

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Dear players, we have an update for you. This will be released on Tuesday, September 10th. Look forward to the wardrobe and many improvements!


Magoia gets a wardrobe! All Magoians get a wardrobe for free. The wardrobe has four places where you can store completely different outfits. You can use every piece of clothing you own in the four places and you can also use clothes twice.


- In the garden championship, each time you want to change a task, it will only cost two water lilies. (This applies as of Sunday, not Tuesday)
- With the formula of the leaves something was changed again that it is even fairer and better balanced.

- The reward fields of the garden championship are different when you have an era garden than when you don't have an era garden.

- No more brewery products and plants that last longer than twelve hours will come as a task. (However, it may well be that you have to make a potion that, for example, lasts eleven hours, twice.)

- When changing the tasks, now also a safety check comes whether you want to spend water lilies.

- The friend arrows now adjust to the friends sort you have active and disappear faster when you go back to your island.

- The overview of who healed most for the world tree has been significantly improved and should now be better organized.

- When you go to the plant school, there is now also a back button. This will take you back to where you were last and you won't have to go back to the island all the time.

Bug fixes:

- The icon on the island that indicated that an ancestor grove bonus is active had disappeared and has now been found again by the programmers ;). After the update it should be visible again.

- The pop up that you were assigned to a new league came twice. Now it should appear only once.

- You could store the same gardener twice in the book of goals. This is no longer possible.

Have fun with it
Your Magoia Team
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