Update on 16th January 2020

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14. Jan 2020, 18:37

Dear players, we have an update for you. This will be released on Thursday, January 16th. You can look forward to new avatar items for men and many improvements!

New clothes for men:

- For the men, there will be two new hairstyles and one new garment for the update. The new water clothing will be reduced to 200 water lilies for 14 days! After the 14 days it will cost 400 water lilies.


- The Dragon's Lair has been graphically improved.

- From now on, if you mouse over a plant in the marketplace, there will be a mouseover and the name of the plant will be displayed.

- If you click on a brewing item in your inventory, you will now be able to access the book of druids in the brewery directly by clicking on the potion, powder or herb instead of just in the book of druids.

Bug fixes:

- If you've been sittted for an extended period of time, you were flagged as inactive and dropped from the leagues. This has been fixed, and when you are being sitted, every time the sitter does something for the absent, it counts as activity for the absent. So if the sitter is active for you, you will not be kicked out of the leagues.

- Some spelling mistakes have been improved.

- If you bought a higher bonus package, you often got a wrong picture and a smaller package was displayed. This has now been fixed and the correct package is displayed. The reward has always been right, so it was just a wrong display.

- The dragon plants were displayed at the friend help in a way that you can propagate them by kleen. This is not possible, so the ad was removed.

- There was no security question at the granny who tells the stories, if you wanted to read the story for water lilies right away. This has been fixed and from now on there is a security question if you have activated it.

- The hummingbird on the start page is flapping its wings again.

- If you have a lot of friend requests, some of the requests went out of the page. This is now fixed.

- If you got a surplus in a garden, the surplus of trees and gold plants was not displayed everywhere. This is now fixed.

- When visiting friends, if the friend was able to upgrade his or her garden, there was always an arrow on the garden level. You should only ever see it in your own garden. This is now fixed.

Have fun with it
Your Magoia Team