Update on July 15th 2020

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13. Jul 2021, 21:53

Dear players,

on Thursday, we will install a small update for you! The update consists mainly of small improvements and bug fixes.

- If a friend had a bonus active in the garden, the friends, when they visited the friend, saw that too. This was confusing and is now no longer shown to friends.
- Three days before the garden championship, the leaf from the garden championship was displayed above the event space. This was confusing and people thought that the garden championship was already starting. We have changed this so that the sheet before the start of the championship is no longer displayed at the event place, but an icon with a timer appears on the right side of the island, so that you can see directly when the garden championship will start. It is now the same for the clan event.

Bug fixes:
- In the brewery, the window didn't automatically close on the herb when you filled the brewing loop. With powders and potions it worked and with the herb it also works after the update.
- If you locked a tree to clover, it was still so that you could clover. This is no longer the case.

Best regards,
Your Magoia Team
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