Bugfix, 20th Jan 2023

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20. Jan 2023, 15:52

Dear Magoians,

today we have implemented a small bugfix, which had the following contents:

Star World:
The division of the clan leagues has been fixed.
The total number of dragons let flown by the members of a clan during their membership of this clan since the start of the Star World is now actually (and as originally intended) decisive for the league division and for the ranking within a league.
In the event of a tie, the number of dragons from the current period (since the last league division, which takes place every fortnight) will be the deciding factor.

This is also explained accordingly in the description text in the clan league, which has also been adjusted.

Regular game worlds:
The information text about the gardener when clicking on the garden level has been corrected - lately, it incorrectly stated that the gardener appears on MONDAY, Wednesday and Saturday. Of course, this is incorrect, and the text now correctly reads "Wednesday and Saturday" again.

Best regards,
the Magoia team
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