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Dear Magoians,

In the first Speedwelt last year we tried a lot of new things and the feedback from the forum and the survey helped us a lot to focus now on where changes and improvements make sense.

Here in this thread we will communicate more concrete information about updates and changes in the run-up and during the operation of the upcoming Speedwelt.

Below you will find an overview of all the special rules of the speed world compared to the regular worlds, as well as the changes we have implemented after the first run of the speed world (colored is everything that is new in this speed world).


Since the concentrated new registrations led to considerable performance problems last year, it will be possible to pre-register already from Monday, September 18 on, so that the actual world launch will be much less burdened by this.


This new speed world is different and wondrous: a beautiful new island completes the picture. Stay tuned to see what the island will look like!

Start and general:

- For the start you will receive 200 water lilies, 450 mana and 2000 friendship bracelets.
- You will get the gold account for 2 days for free
- The basic harvest of plants is 3 per tile
- There is no energy, but mana (see below)
- You can give 6 clover per day to your friends
- The number of friends is regulated as follows: 50 free friend slots, depending on the level; another 50 slots can be bought with water lilies.
- Everything runs much faster, see below for details.
- Removing monsters now costs only half in water lilies
- Trees now cost only half of water lilies
- Players of other languages can play as well
- The game language is selectable in the settings
- Chat channels are now valid for different languages
- League division takes place 2 times a week: on Mondays and Thursdays
- The reward for a recruited friend is paid out when the friend reaches level 20.
- Costs of avatar items and fountains have been adjusted
- For additional rounds of Speedworld, you will keep the fountains, all clothing purchased with water lilies, and the avatar items and town graphic upgrades unlocked through the SeasonPass


- With each level you increase the production memory limit for mana
- Mana generation rate below the storage limit: 1 mana every 10 seconds
- Seeding plants, using dragon care and brewing costs mana
- Mana can be collected every 6 hours in the city view (6 hours after you last collected mana)
- Plants can also be bought in Lara's store for mana (for less active players who have a lot of mana left)
- Brewing, planting and harvesting helpers can also be activated for one day each against mana
- There is an upper limit of 50,000 mana - above 50,000 mana you can't collect mana on the city anymore!

Plants / Gardens

- Most plants are fully grown after a few seconds or minutes
- There is a base yield of 3 per plant (collecting moon dust for the lunar event applies per tile as usual though, not per harvested plant; at the end of the lunar event, all harvested plants are then turned into moon dust)
- There are some long-term plants that you can plant overnight
- The XP of the plants has been significantly increased, so gardening will make you level faster.
- The gardener comes 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.
- When you have leveled up your garden, the gardener will immediately show you what he needs for the next garden level
- The maturity times of the trees have been shortened
- In the volcano garden trees can not grow well, so they bring only the basic yield and no bonuses from the ancestral grove or elsewhere are added.
- In the garden there is now a display with the number of available tiles (unplanted / available)
- Improvements have been made to the balancing to mitigate too much fluctuation in the effort of successive unlocks.


- Brewery products are completed in minutes
- You pay mana to start products in the brewery
- There are now 5 slots in the brewery queue (with activated gold account)
- 2 for 1 on every order! For every product you order in the brewery, you get 2 of them right away


- The clan size is uniformly and unchangeably set at 15 players
- Clan leagues are divided according to the total number of dragons raised in the clan, the usual reset every two weeks does not take place.
- Clan championship lasts only 4 days
- Lucky charms are generated twice as fast (the first one after 5 min instead of 10 min etc.)
- With every recharge you get 2 luck makers at once
- The storage capacity has been increased: you can accumulate up to 48 luck makers
- Clan league division will take place 1 time per week: Tuesdays, 20:00
- The unlocks in the Ahnenhein are no longer bound to tree points

Guardian portal merge game

- There is no waiting time for the next task
- After reaching a new level the guardian dragon rests for 24 hours instead of 48
- Sources generate their objects much faster
- Natural lights can also be used to remove some weeds from regular gardens.

Events and bonuses

- Wheel of Fortune can be spun for free up to 4 times a day: each 6 hours after your last spin, the next free spin is possible
- The winnings in the wheel of fortune have been increased.
- The garden championship lasts only 4 days
- The requirements of the tasks in the garden championship are increased compared to the regular worlds (more plants and brewery products required for the tasks, as everything is done faster and more is harvested)
- Lunar event - the lunar plants for collecting stardust also grow faster
- The event schedule has been revised so that events that require plants to be collected do not happen at the same time. The moon event will occur at the fixed rhythm of the speed world moon, rather than at the usual times of the regular worlds.
- The World Tree Blossom will not be dependent on earning tree points, but will take place on specific dates.

- The Season Pass has been adjusted to reflect the new values.
- The Season Pass will also include certain clothing items as intermediate rewards
- A new event along the lines of the season events will make completing the speed world exciting and rewarding

Dragon Cave

- Dragon's lair - care points are generated 50% faster
- Dragon flying takes 4 hours instead of 24

- Renaming of the avatar was fixed
- The connection to our support system was improved
- All bugs that occurred when visiting friends are fixed
- How much you harvest was often wrong in the popup. This is fixed now.

Best regards,
the Magoia team