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Dear Magoians,

Here in this thread we will communicate more specific information on updates and changes in the run-up to and during the operation of the upcoming speed world.

In the following you will find an overview of all special regulations of the speed world compared to the regular worlds as well as the changes that we have implemented after the first run of the speed world (everything that is new in this speed world is marked in color).

Start and general:

- At the start you will receive 200 water lilies, 450 mana and 2000 friendship bracelets
- We will give you the gold account as a gift for 2 days
- The basic harvest of plants is 3 per tile
- There is no energy, but mana (see below)
- You can give 6 clovers per day to your friends
- The number of friends is regulated as follows: 50 free friend slots, depending on the level; a further 50 slots can be purchased with water lilies.
- Everything runs much faster, see below for details
- Removing the monsters only costs half the amount of water lilies
- Trees only cost half the amount of water lilies
- Players in other languages can also play
- The game language can be selected in the settings
- Chat channels now apply to different languages
- League division takes place twice a week: on Mondays and Thursdays
- Costs of avatar items and wells have been adjusted
- For further rounds of the speed world, you will keep the fountains, all clothing purchased with water lilies and the avatar items unlocked via the SeasonPass

Bee feature
A new bee feature awaits you!
- You'll find your beehive on your island under the water garden.
- Here you can buy bees and honeycombs.
- Every minute your bees and honeycombs bring you nectar.
- A new bee always yields +2 per minute.
- A new honeycomb always yields +4 per minute.
- There are 5 beehives. Each hive produces only one resource.
- The first hive produces nectar, the second produces honey, the third produces beeswax, the fourth produces propolis and the last, the fifth hive, produces royal jelly.
- Unlocking plants also costs bee products in addition to the normal requirements.
- You can reduce the cost of new bees for water lilies.
- You can activate a bee booster that increases your yield per minute.
- You can swap the individual products with each other. Nectar yields the least and Royal Jelly the most.

We reserve the right to adjust the balance of the bee feature from time to time!

Basically, the bee feature is about constantly buying new bees so that you can produce even more. So you have to decide whether you want to use the nectar for the bee to produce nectar faster, or whether you want to use the nectar to unlock plants and produce nectar more slowly.


- With each level you increase the limit for mana production memory
- Mana generation rate below the storage limit: 1 mana every 10 seconds
- Sowing plants, using dragon care and brewery costs mana
- Mana can be collected every 6 hours in the city view (6 hours after you last collected mana)
- Plants can also be bought for mana in Lara's store (for less active players who have a lot of mana to spare)
- Brewery grinders, planting and harvesting helpers can also be activated for mana for one day each
- There is an upper limit of 50,000 mana - above 50,000 mana you can no longer collect mana in the city!

Plants / Gardens

- Most plants are fully grown after a few seconds or minutes
- There is a basic yield of 3 per plant (collecting moon dust for the moon event applies per tile as usual, not per harvested plant; at the end of the moon event, all harvested plants are then turned into moon dust)
- There are some long-term plants that you can plant overnight
- The XP of the plants has been significantly increased, so that gardening lets you level up faster.
- The gardener comes 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
- When you have leveled up your garden, the gardener will immediately show you what he needs for the next garden level
- The ripening times of the trees have been shortened
- Trees cannot grow well in the volcano garden, so they only produce the basic yield and no bonuses from the ancestral grove or elsewhere are added.
- In the garden there is now a display with the number of available tiles (unplanted / available)


- Brewery products are ready in a few minutes
- You pay mana to start products in the brewery
- There are now 5 slots in the brewery queue (with activated gold account)
- 2 for 1 on every order! For every product you order in the brewery, you will receive 2 of them


- The clan size is uniform and fixed at 15 players
- Clan leagues are divided according to the total number of dragons raised in the clan, the usual reset every two weeks does not take place.
- The clan championship only lasts 4 days
- Luck makers are generated twice as fast (the first one after 5 min instead of 10 min etc.)
- With each recharge you will receive 2 luck makers at once
- The storage capacity has been increased: you can accumulate up to 48 Lucky Makers
- Clan league division takes place once a week: Tuesdays, 8:00 pm
- The unlocks in the Ahnenhein are no longer tied to tree points

Guardian Portal Merge Game

- There is no waiting time for the next task
- After reaching a new level, the guardian dragon rests for 24 hours instead of 48
- Sources generate their objects much faster
- Natural lights can also be used to remove some weeds from the regular gardens.

Events and bonuses

- The wheel of fortune can be spun up to 4 times a day for free: the next free spin is possible 6 hours after your last spin
- The prizes on the Wheel of Fortune have been increased.
- The Garden Championship now only lasts 4 days
- The requirements of the tasks in the Garden Championship have been increased compared to the regular worlds (more plants and brewery products required for the tasks, as everything goes faster and more is harvested)
- Moon event - the moon plants for collecting stardust also grow faster
- The event schedule has been revised so that events for which plants must be collected do not take place at the same time. The lunar event will take place in the fixed rhythm of the speed world moon and not at the usual times of the regular worlds.
- The world tree bloom is not dependent on reaching tree points, but takes place on specific dates.
- The Season Pass has been adapted to the new values.
- The Season Pass will also contain certain items of clothing as interim rewards
- A new event along the lines of the seasonal events will make completing the speed world exciting and rewarding

Dragon cave

- Dragon cave - care points are generated 50% faster
- Dragon flying takes 4 hours instead of 24 hours

Winner rewards

Water lilies
The water lilies are transferred completely.
At the end of the bee world, you must decide which regular world the water lilies should be transferred to. Splitting is not possible!

These rewards and achievements will be transferred to both worlds if you play the Lotus and Rainbow Worlds

Season Pass final reward
The final reward from the Season Pass will be two bees hovering over your avatar. Once you have completed the Season Pass, you will receive the bees in the Bee World. Once the Bee World is finished, you will also get the bees in your normal worlds!

Prize for all players who play in clans:
Every player who plays in the Bee World and is in a clan will win something for their main worlds! Depending on your league and place, you will be rewarded with water lilies, energy, puzzle pieces, moon dust, natural lights and moon mice.

Prize for the best clan:
All players in Clan Rank 1 League 1 will receive two special animals for their avatar. Soon you will see here what you can win:

Win for all clans in League 1
All clans in League 1 will get a special animal!

Plants from the final event
All plants earned will also be transferred to both worlds

Player Placement Winnings:

The best players in League 1 will receive the following rewards:

League 1: 1st place:

A unique Bee World mug, a special certificate, a unique printed Bee World T-shirt and a unique Bee World mouse pad. Instead of the mouse pad, you can also choose a printed doormat or a bee world cushion! All rewards are of course unique and with the player's name and rank in the Bee World!

League 1: 2nd and 3rd place:

A unique Bee World mug, a special certificate, a unique printed Bee World T-shirt. All rewards of course unique and with the player's name and rank in the Bee World!

League 1: 4th to 15th place:

A unique Bee World mug, a special certificate. All rewards of course unique and with the player's name and rank in the bee world!

Best regards,
the Magoia team
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