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Valentine's Day is close!

Posted: 7. Feb 2020, 18:08
by Gundohar
Dear players,

Valentine's Day is close!

For that occasion, we have thought something up of course. There will be a valentine's dress and accessory.
There's also going to be an Event:

Valentine's Day is not only celebrated in the real world on the 14th of February, in Magoia the time of love and togetherness has started as well. You can expect a very special Valentines-Event that comes with a one-of-a-kind plant, which you can only obtain in this timespan.

The Event starts on the 13th of February and lasts for a week. The end therefore is, the 20th of February. You can access the new Event on the Event Site. There you can find details for your task as well.

If you want to participate in the Valentines-Event, just open the Event Site and click on the gardener (right). Your task is now to hand in a certain amount of plants in the given timespan.
If you accomplish this, you will be awarded 5 Valentin's Day-plants. Tipp: you can repeat the Event multiple times to get more of the special plant.

The special thing about Valentine's Day plant is that you can obtain 3 Dragon plant, 50 energie, 50 moon mice and 50 Friendship Bracelets (Friendship bracelets are not calculated on - in total - and in the league.) The plant will grow for 6 days and you will get your reward from harvesting. After harvesting, the plant disappears from the inventory.

Have fun, your Magoia-Team