Christmas Event starts soon

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Help the light to be reborn again.

In Magoia, the monsters are keeping the land in a constant state of fear and dread. Dark mists traverse the lands. The mighty shadow is trying to prevent the birth of the light. Help out in making the light be victorious in Magoia once again. For this, we require a lot of star plants. When doing your part in this, you will receive a one-of-a-kind and limited crystal tree as a reward! For this click on the Event Site.

You will receive 2 star plants into your inventory on the 18th of December at 10:00 am. (in the inventory tab - star.) These will take 15 minutes to be harvested. In the Event Site, you will see how many star plants have to be handed in to successfully complete the event. The star plants can be handed in by you until the 23rd of December at 3:00 pm.

As a reward, you will receive the crystal tree. The crystal tree will appear in your inventory after successfully completing the event. (tab trees) You can harvest as many crystals in correlation to your Level. Water lilies can also be harvested from it. After the 2nd of January at 12:00 pm, midnigth, the crystal tree can't be harvested anymore.

We wish you a wonderful merry christmas and a lovely new year!
Your Magoia-team