Update on March 2022

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28. Mar 2022, 10:45

Dear players,

We will do an Update on Tuesday 29 March 2022. You can look forward to a brand new feature and many small improvements!

New feature: The dragon trader
On 29.03. a brand new dragon will appear! On the island you will find the dragon trader. For a short time you can exchange surplus energy, crystals, fruit, friend hearts or dragon plants for puzzle pieces or natural lights!
IMPORTANT!! This feature is mainly for the players who have accumulated surplus stuff for years! Not everyone will be able to trade much.

- At the event place the hug and the clan event button were too close to each other. The two buttons have been moved further apart.
- You now get 20 essence instead of 12 if you pick them up with water lilies.

New video
Since some players wanted to know where exactly Trollgames is located and what the city looks like, we send you a video here in which you can see exactly where we work. At minute 15 you can see the building where Trollgames is located.

Click here to watch the video. Have fun!

Best regards,
Your Magoia Team