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By registration in this game & forum following rules are accepted by the player.

§1. General

1. Participation in the forum is allowed to everyone who owns an account in the game. Only one account per person is allowed. The forum may be used for several game-worlds - In this case one account per world is allowed, every account may be used in the forum.

1.1. If rules are broken by a person every account of this person will be punished.

1.2. When asked by a member of staff every account owned by this person has to be mentioned.

2. The forum team is allowed to edit, censor, warn and ban users from the forum. Instructions by the forum team have to be followed.

3. In case of serious offences the account may be punished in the game / the chat, too.

4. The forum rules include postings in the forum, PMs in the forum, signatures and avatars.

5. The T&Cs as well as the european rights apply to the forum, also the rights of the country of residence of the user are applied to his/her postings, but not on others.

6. The board language is English only. Use of any other language on the boards could lead to warnings by the cherubim.

§2. Community & Contact

1. Every user has to obligate the nettiquette. This means:

1.2 Provocative statements and personal insults are forbidden. If you notice such a contribution, stop yourself from being carried away and don't respond in a similar way; Report it to a moderator.

1.3 Treat all players the you want to be treated, as long as this obligates the other rules. Even if you do not like someone, but go out of his/her way rather than provoking him/her or let him/her provoke you.

1.4 Arguments shall be resolved in a private way, not openly on public platforms like this forum.

1.5 Fascist, pornographic and other illegal or inappropriate material are forbidden on the whole forum.

2. Label ironic or sarcastic comments in the forum, so that they are understood as this. One way of labeling these is by enclosing the sentence or sentences between a [IRONY] and a [/IRONY].

3. Abstain the excessive usage of capital letters, punctuation, smilies and the expandation of words or any other possibility of endangering the readability. Avoid the usage of symbols not used in the english language and the substitution of letters by figures (Such known LEET / 1337).

4. Any kind of not authorised advertising is forbidden. The Moderators also have the right to forbid special kinds of advertisement.

§3. Opening a new topic

1. Before posting, use the search at the top right of the forum as well as the wiki.

2. Choose an appropriate title when opening a new topic. Titles like "Help!" "Bug!" or "I have a question!" aren't helpful at all and an answer may take a lot longer.

3. Stay at the topic of the thread - If another question or idea or bug arises in the discussion, open a new thread.

4. If you see a double posting, contact a moderator to delete every but one thread of these.

5. Spamming is forbidden all over the forum. SPAM-postings are postings without sense or content or off-topic posts. SPAM-Postings will be deleted. Repetive creation of SPAM-postings will result in a ban from the forum.
The only exception is in the off-topic part of the forum: You may create threads and postings here, which are senseless or without any content, if they fit into the topic / area of the forum.

6. Pornographic, fascist, right radical, violent and/or inappropriate as well as advertisement for anything outside the game/forum/chat of Magoia are forbidden in the forum. Other political postings may only be posted in the appropriate part of the forum.
If you notice a posting of any of this sort, tell the moderators by using the "!" at the top of the posting. The operator and the team can not be held responsible for any postings of this sort, though they do their best to clean the forum from these.

7. Copyrighted contents may only be published in the forum with the consent of the owner. As mentioned in §1.5 the owner and team of Magoia can't be held responsible for this, however they do their best to remove these posts from the forum.

8. account transfer offers and requests are forbidden and will be deleated.

9. Links, that link to other websites, which include pornographic, rightradical or other provoking content, are advertisements or refer to other Browsergames aren't allowed and will be deleted.
Other browsergames may be discussed in the off-topic area of the forum, you may post links to these there, too.

10. Posting PMs, IGMs or logs of private conversations may not be posted anywhere in the public forum. This is to ensure the privacy of the authors. If they appear in the forum the moderators will delete these PMs, IGMs or logs.

11. It is forbidden to discuss or mention warnings, bans or other punishments in the forum.

§4. Avatars, signatures & usernames

1. Pornographic, fascist, violent or other illegal or inappropriate contents and/or pictures are prohibited in avatars, signatures and usernames.

2. Links, which lead to websites, which contain pornographic, fascist or other provoking content, work as advertisement or take reference to other browsergames are prohibited.

3. Oversized signatures disturb the readability of the forum. The maximum size of signatures is 150px * 500px. Also signatures may not be any larger than 1,5mb and animations should be kept basic and at the minimum. A maximum of 2 pictures / second are allowed, unless it is a proper transition. Also, an animated signature may not use more than 3 pictures, unless it is a proper transition.

4. Pictures, which are inserted into the forum, may not hinder the readability of the forum and should be kept in an appropriate size. Oversized and any other spoiling pictures will be edited or removed by the moderators.

§5. Information about the rules in relation to the moderator team

1. The moderator team is a voluntary team. Insults against the whole or parts of the team - including the forum team - will be punished in with the discretion of the responsible person. Leader of the moderator team is the super-moderator.

2. Several warnings may end up in a ban from the forum, in serious cases a direct ban may be applied. This ban may be temporary or permanently. Every case will be considered individually. It is prohibited to register with another name to circulate this ban.

3. If you feel the punishment applied was unjustified, contact the appropriate moderator who punished you. If you aren't satisfied afterwards, contact the responsible super-moderator (if at the time none exists, skip this step). He/she will have a closer look on the case. This may take several days. The last authority you can contact is the community manager. His decision is final. The PMs and IGMs may be passed around within the team to study the case.

4. If you have a complaint about a moderator, contact his super-moderator. If you have a complaint about a super-moderator, contact the community-manager. The contacted person will decide about the legitimacy of the case and complaint and may take action as a result.

If these rules disagree to the terms and conditions the terms and condition have priority.
We reserve the right to change or expand the rules.