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§ 1 player and Accounts

Each player is allowed to have one account per world. You can play simultaneously with one account in different worlds, but also create a new account for each world (different nickname and email address). When registering an active e-mail addresses must be specified. Accounts with disposable e-mail addresses without a password query be banned for safety reasons.
The opening of more than one account within one world is called Multiaccount and is prohibited. An account may be played by one person. It is forbidden to play one account with several people. The only exception is the sitting function. Multiusing is prohibited and will be punished.

§ 1.1 Password

The password can be equated with the ownership of the account. When you give your password to another player you give your account into his possession. Both the account owner, and the receiver of the password have to observe the rule in § 1. Password sharing is therefore prohibited.

§1.1.3 Shared IP

When two or more players share an Internet access,so this must be entered in the account settings AND report to the support.
If multiple players using the same IP and with this IP a rule violation was committed and is not clearl by whom the rule breaking has been committed,then the connection owner or alternatively all recorded at this IP accounts be held accountable.

§1.2 Account Sitting

Each player is allowed to have a person take care of his account in case of absence. Account sitting is maintaining a foreign account on behalf and with the mandate of the account owner. Account sitting is only allowed to preserve the account. The account owner remains responsible for his account. There will be no refunds for any losses caused by the account sitter. Everyone is responsible for his sitter. The sitting is limited to 30 days per 365 days. Any further absences require vacation mode. Contact the Magioia Support to activate account sitting.

§ 1.3 zombies

Zombies are accounts that are specifically supported for yield and its components no longer used for their own benefit. Under certain circumstances, the password is passed to and get the account alive artificially. Who no longer playing his account, but not delete it must stop the production. Accounts identified as zombies by admin controls will be deactivated immediately. Player who obtain resources from a Zombieaccount will be punished.

§ 2 Errors in the game

Game errors or bugs must be reported to the Support immediately. The user is not allowed to use them for his own advantage. Abuse can lead to the punishment of the account.

§3 Monetary transactions

It is prohibited to sell or buy resources or hordes for money. Furthermore it is prohibited to execute game activities for money or to order them for money. The selling of accounts is prohibited. Codes of prepaid systems (prepaid cards) such as paysafecard are just falling under this rulebecause it is not an in-game resource.

§ 4 Netiquette

It is to maintain a social tone .

* Prohibited on all platforms : insults, real-life threats , personal attacks , drug glorification , massive spamming and mobbing.
General politically dubious, radical, sexist or religious statements are not allowed. Dubious drawings or distorted views through oversized profiles are also prohibited.
* It is not allowed to create playernames based on names of administrators or other teammembers. Who pretends to be a Xhodon-Team member can be deleted.
* Playernames, palace names, hero names, etc. which include the above mentioned Points (such as Hitler or sex slave) are not allowed.
* Any advertising that has not been authorized by Xhodon team is to refrain.
* All text must be understandable, encrypted message (eg: QR Code, etc) are not allowed.
This applies to all distribution media that belong to this platform.

§5 Penalties

In case of rule violations the Support decide about the punishment depending on the type, severity and frequency of the violation. Possible penalties: Reduction of resources or building levels, reduction of unjustly acquired runes deletion of one or more valleys, partial or complete deletion of hordes or account deletion. In unclear individual cases it is up to the Community Managers to make a special arrangement.

§5.1 Compensation

No Compensation will be given for loss of resources, that happen during an account ban.

§5.2 Veto

Users may notify Gamemasters via in-game messages or send their arguments to the game administrators by e-mail ([email protected]). Account bans, penalties and account deletions will never be publically discussed (e.g.: chatrooms, forum,....).

§6 Illegitimate logins

It is prohibited to have illegitimate access to other accounts. Offences might lead to exclusion from the game. Magoia Team members will never ask for passwords!

§7 Instigation

It is prohibited to instigate other players to violate the game rules, for example by asking users for their passwords.

§ 8 Copyright

Copyright protected content of any kind may be published only with the permission of the author in the game.

§9 Account deletion

The rules of the game always apply, even when a user plans to terminate the account or has already started the deletion process.

§10 Change of rules

If these rules disagree to the terms and conditions the terms and condition have priority.
We reserve the right to change or expand the rules

§11 Data Privacy:

Personal data are information that can be used to get information about a players' identity. Private information is your name, address and phone number. In combination with your user ID we save on our servers data for security purpose that might lead to a personal identification (IP-adress, date, time and visited pages). This personal information will not be used further. We reserve the right for statistic analysis of anonymised records. Personal information submitted for usage of shared IPs will only be used for user identification in case of multiple players from one IP in the Xhodon game worlds. Users\' explicit agreement is needed to use personal data with any third party. This does not affect information we need to submit upon court order or by regulation of laws.

§12 Usage of scripts or programs

The game must be played with a regular Internet browser. Usage of scripts or bots that automate game activities or change the game layout (for example greasemonkeyscripts or frames) is prohibited. Exceptions are made only for graphic packs. Furthermore scripts are prohibited that increase the server load or login automatically into the game, pull out data and reuse it.

§13 Severability Clause

In case a single clause is invalid or becomes invalid, this does not affect the validity of other clauses. Administration undertakes everything to replace invalid rules through new rules that replace the invalid rules in a way conforming to the law as close to the prior rule as possible. These new rules will be in effect immediately and will be applied to the current case. Respective procedures apply to missing rules. The administrators are obliged to fill loopholes in the rules according to the spirit of the already existing rules.
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