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4. Dec 2019, 14:30

I am having trouble posting to the forum. I had no issues yesterday but today I log in just fine. but when I go to post it says I have to log in to do so. I tried the "send reactivation" notice but when I put in my details it said it couldn't find them.

was trying to post to the day 4 Christmas game. it apparently will allow me to post here in this topic but not reply to that one.

will post my answer to the Christmas day 4 contest here as it will not let post in that section at all.

Christmas under wraps with candace Cameron bure as it focuses on her growth as a person and her developing relationship with the mysterious Christmas guy. the Christmas magic is used a plot device.
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6. Dec 2019, 10:21

Hello phryenyght

I'm sure that we are all so understanding to the problem you faced while trying to be logged-in to the forum,
as there have been such occurrences to us all, I suppose.
I'm also terribly sorry to see how discouraged it got you

Even though the actual dealing with this is up to the Developers-Team,
there is a way that can help to prevent from such occurrences happening.

Each and Every time you log-in, you may like to click the Remember Me Box found with the log-in spaces,
that is, under your password and above the Login-Button.
I'm sure that this can make a big difference in your Forum experience! :)
Please let us know how you precisely write your name in-the-game
so as to correctly be sent the Prizes from the Games you played!
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