Fall season- Daily quests

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9. Nov 2021, 00:45

the daily quests aren't registering as done- I collected energy and visited my friends but it still says that I haven't :(
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9. Nov 2021, 02:29

not only that but the daily requests will change if you leave the quest site then go back in. it keeps switching to different things. when i was on last night when it switched over to the new daily requests it immediately gave 3 hours to complete the daily quests. something is seriously wrong. two support tickets sent in regarding the quest not logging what was complete, then after discovering it is switching to different quests, i put one in about that. the only response since that, which was about 11 hours ago, is the automated response and nothing has changed with the event.
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12. Nov 2021, 20:43

The issues should all be solved by now, sorry for the trouble.
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