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23. Aug 2019, 21:02

Hi forgive the errors but I am Italian I hope to make me understand ... the last update slowed me down the game with some bugs, incomplete seedings that force me to go out and go back to the gardens to complete the sowing, click wrong in the neighborhood gardens, the clan chat translations get stuck writing and translating every time I play the game and I have to reload the page. I state that I have already done cleaning caches.Spero solve thanks for your attention.
Many greetings Diana§
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23. Aug 2019, 22:25

I think you may need to put in a Support ticket so that the Moderators or Administration can help you with this. Just scroll under your Friends list and you will see Support. Click on that and then tell then what you have said here. I agree with you that the game is definitely slower and clicking on friends gardens is terrible. I am sure you will get help with Support.

Penso che potresti dover inserire un ticket di supporto in modo che i moderatori o l'amministrazione possano aiutarti. Basta scorrere nell'elenco degli amici e vedrai il supporto. Fai clic su quello e poi racconta ciò che hai detto qui. Sono d'accordo con te che il gioco è decisamente più lento e fare clic sui giardini degli amici è terribile. Sono sicuro che riceverai aiuto con il supporto.
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28. Aug 2019, 11:10

Since the last update the game is realy slow and today I can not brew, feed my dragons and harvest plants.
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28. Aug 2019, 15:51

Hi Andreja

I agree the game has got slower but so far mine hasn't stopped. You should send a ticket into support (If mine stops I'll be sending in a ticket) let them know what has happened to your game, you should be able to get help from the moderators or admin, hope it gets fixed for you soon :)
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1. Sep 2019, 09:36

The game isn't working :( .
The page displays Error 521 - Web server is down.

I don't have problems with other websites, only this one,

Edit: Now it's working, thank you :)
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10. Sep 2019, 16:33

The game is not loading. I play from facebook, the page remain white. I reloaded page over and over...still blank page.

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10. Sep 2019, 16:41

The game is not working. I can't enter via facebook or gameplay. I will lost 1+ extra yield from ancester groove, tier points, game points, and everYthing else.
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10. Sep 2019, 18:01

Same for me... I can't enter via facebook ... the game don't work... I've white screen ..
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10. Sep 2019, 19:46

Hi are you still unable to load the game?
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10. Sep 2019, 20:42

I play with this link : but I can't play with facebook :)
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