Performance Update on 16.04

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15. Apr 2019, 10:49

Dear players,

here you can write your feedback about the performance update. We would be very interested if the game felt faster and if so how much faster.

You can also write in the thread the errors that occur after the update. Of course we hope that the update will run without errors, but since there have been many changes in the code, we can't be sure if we found all the errors. So if you notice something after the update, just give it to us!

Best regards,
Your Magoia-Team
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16. Apr 2019, 11:22

So, here we are, over 3 hours past the time that, by my calculation, the game should have been taken down for this update, yet it still works fine for me. Has the update been delayed? I'd like to know so that I can time my plantings that they aren't ready for harvest while the game is down.
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16. Apr 2019, 17:10

Hi Cikala,

unfortunately, there were some difficulties. Because it's already quite late here in Germany, we paused the update.
We will continue our work tomorrow morning at around 08:00 CET:

Best regards,
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