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Star Gazer
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26. May 2022, 15:11

I understand it’s only been a day but people are already complaining about the new clover update. The new clovers are covering all of the plants. One of the most appealing things about the game is a beautiful graphics and now we can’t really see them.
Showing people the number of clicks on a plant seems like a nice idea because now that we have the team event it is possible to have a lower number of clicks for each individual‘s plant. If you could show the number of clicks when you hover over the plant instead of making it permanently cover the plant all the time it would probably be a much more accepted design.
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28. May 2022, 16:54

I HATE the update to the clovers. They cover every single plant, detracting from the beauty of the plants, the huge numbers are too much, and how do we know which plants the player might have special marked with clover? Now everything is clovers, numbers and a garish blue LED glow around plants...TOO much, TOO busy, TOO redundant. Seriously....are we that dense that we need that many different ways all at one time to be able to determine the plant to click in a friend's garden? I am starting to dread my visits to friends' gardens to be overwhelmed by all of the clovers and numbers....I used to love to visit gardens and check out everyone's outfits. I am also seeing more messed up gardens with multiple clicks than before the update.

I truly do not see how this is going to help or solve anything other than to drive more players away from this game and we have lost too many players now as it is. I am not too keen on the extra click that takes you to the next garden would have been more helpful if it took you to a garden that you have not already clicked. It has also cost me lilies to fix the unintended clicks that have occurred when I was shot to another garden unexpectedly...catches me off guard every time.
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28. May 2022, 19:01

it is extremely busy and therefore unsettling as well as confusing. here you see a friend's garden with some plants finished, one that needs finishing (or maybe not... perhaps that is a two click plant, but we can't tell because we cannot what plant it is), a monster, and plants that have marks. to make it small enough to attach i had to really narrow it down, but the entire garden looks like this.
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Taurus Dragon
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16. Apr 2023, 10:17

Hi all people, glad to write here.
What about showing the numbers ONLY if a plant has been clicked, but requires more clicks to get the output?
Do you think it will be better?
All the best, and good game to all !!
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Quin SilkWings
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27. Apr 2023, 04:44

The problem lies when the owner marks their plants so as to "guide" friends which ones to click. When the plants are marked, the numbers appear in friend's view of the garden. So when it is marked a pool of numbers appear. It's a chaos.
I think no need to mark plants. BETTER, the owner should just block the ones they don't want their friends to click. It's a better chance of having more plants with completed clovers. Also, less dizzying for us who visits the garden!
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