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Posted: 2. Jul 2019, 16:38
by karenrollins
so many times there are issues in the game and there are complaints but rarely there is a thankyou unless people get something from it. i noticed the lag is gone and i would like to say thankyou for fixing it. you people work very hard on a game we play for free and my appreciation for that work can stand up to a lag in the game without being tainted <3


Posted: 3. Jul 2019, 10:11
by AlizAlizA
Hello Karen,
That is very nice to hear. I will pass this on to those who spend their time trying to make the game as great as possible. :D


Posted: 4. Jul 2019, 12:36
by Mazzy-Maz
Yes I agree with Karen. The game is playing really well. Thank you.

Clicking friends plants is so much quicker.
It is fun to see the whole avatar.
I think the new background music is much more fitting for Magoia.