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25. Aug 2019, 15:57

I was not sure where to put this and decided to start it as a question to all those on the forum as I am not sure if there were others who agree.

Regarding the recent update to the Brewery on the July 23rd updated so it "should be faster. We have improved the performance here." While I believe it is faster and there are less delays flipping through the book and selecting potions to brew, there is one part of it that I wish had not been changed.

Before the update, when you were going through the Tome looking at potions, herbs and powders the page would stay where you left off, even when you switched from potions to herbs. If you were looking at Fire Potion 6, when you flipped to Herbs, you were still at the page with Fire Herb 6. This made navigating through the book quick and easy.

After the update, that has been changed, so that when you pick a different brewery type, you go all the way back to the beginning. Example from today. I was checking how many Water Herb 7 I had; I started at the level one Herbs, got back to Water Herb 7. Then I wanted to check on Light Powder 8's, when I picked the powder tab, I was now back at level 1 powders and had to scroll all the way back to level 8's. Before, I would have stayed at Level 7 powders and had to only flip up one more page to get to the level 8's. Especially for us long time players who are dealing with much higher brewery items, it is a whole lot of clicking and scrolling.

My questions to others is: Which style of navigating through the Tome do you prefer? Where the Tome stays where you left off (old style), or where it resets to the beginning every time you change types(updated style)?

I would like to request if the Tome navigation could be put back to the old style where the it stayed where you left off as I feel that is more efficient, but if I am in the minority and most like the new updated style, I will say no more on the topic.
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25. Aug 2019, 22:35

Hi Tylady,
I rarely use the Druids Tome so I don't have a preference and will be happy either way. :) I think maybe I should start using it. I just set my goals and follow up my progress with the Book of Goals.

(I use the Book of Goals the most and I like that it goes back to the beginning and I hope that stays the way it is.)
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26. Aug 2019, 00:40


The Druids' Tome is the book you select your potions, herbs and powders from to set up to make in the brewery. I probably confused it by trying to use the proper name, I think of it as the brewery book, but the title on the book when you open it is Druids Tome. ;) :oops:

When you select which potion you want to make next, it goes into the book so you can flip through to select the next ones to make.

Sorry for the confusion.
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28. Aug 2019, 07:21

I think I prefer the way it is now, but, I wonder if you are clicking more than you have to. If I want water herb 7 for instance, I would first click on water so it shows water herb 1 thru 3, then over two pages for 7 thru 9. From your post it almost sounds like you are clicking over 8 pages to get to water herb 7 without choosing your element first. Forgive me if I'm wrong. Personally, I'm not beyond the 6's yet, so having it reset back to beginning is kinda nice.
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