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Quest Givers

Postby Beckett » 7. Dec 2018, 09:39

if I'm low on a plant, particularly a new plant that takes a long time to grow, I'll pay the native a water lily for a new quest.

But then the same plant shows up in the new quest. And the next. In the same amount.

The whole reason for paying for a new quest is so you don't have to give what the native is asking.

I'm wondering if the quests can be coded so that once a lily is paid, none of the plants currently showing come up in the new quest from that native.

I'm also wondering about the numbers of the plants being asked for. It seems excessive for new plants that take a long time to grow. I'm just into plants that are taking 16 hours to grow and to have the natives ask for a total of up to 60-72 plants when I have less than 800 and then want more the next day is too much. I'm having to spend lilies every day just so I can build a crop, (see above). I would like to see a lower total daily cap on the longer growing plants.
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Re: Quest Givers

Postby Cikala » 7. Dec 2018, 10:43

Just wait until you have unlocked a plant that takes 36 hours to grow and the villagers start asking for that!

I do agree with the request, if you are paying for a new quest, it should be an entirely new quest that does not request the same plants.
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