customized gardens

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customized gardens

Postby karenrollins » 5. Feb 2019, 18:34

just an idea that i got this morning... using bracelets, purchase different items in a garden shed, then click on an item that is fixed in the gardens.... for example, in the honey garden where you have a stump in the middle, a window brings up your items that fit the footprint of the locked image and change it to something different with the same footprint. maybe a garden gnome or birdbath. maybe different trees like an oak or a lilac when you click on the pine tree, for fencing perhaps a small stone wall or a vine, etc... each item keeps the same amount of space, but this way you would be able to customize your garden like you do with your avatar. for holidays maybe a christmas tree, a pumpkin, a little sign that says 'MOM", etc.
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Re: customized gardens

Postby AlizAlizA » 6. Feb 2019, 00:18

Great ideas. These will be passed on to the developers. Thank you Karen :)
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