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Postby karenrollins » 30. Apr 2019, 14:24

just a thought to make things easier in the brewery.... we could have an icon, when a brew is complete, that allows you to recycle the same procedure, so you don't have to click complete, open the potion again, click through them to find the one you want, reclick the potion, then click brew. most people need to do multiple of the same concoction, so if we have an icon when we are completing the brew that gives us the option to do another of the same one, it would save a lot of time and energy. maybe one that will just store it and redo without clicking on the pot and going in. so when the brew is complete it just says "store and rebrew" and "complete" when a brew is done on the pot. click "store and rebrew" to retrieve the brew to your inventory and it automatically starts another of the same brew. "complete" will store the brew and end there. to start another brew you click on the pot as you do now.
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Re: brewing

Postby Eddard » 2. May 2019, 11:25

Hi karen,

thanks for the suggestion.
I like the idea and will forward it to the developers. I can't promise anything though, because we have many other todos at the moment.

Best regards,
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