fruit and dragon flowers

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27. Jul 2019, 17:00

it would be nice to be able to "gift" dragon flowers or fruit to a clan member and receive energy, lilies, hearts, or moonmice...
for example, if i want to "gift" 10 fruit to a clan member, i can choose which of these i would like to receive.... like the dragon flowers in the leagues, where you can choose which ones you get for a reward... make a minimum "gift" number for the and with each "gift" you receive x amount of those.
i choose hearts.... i gift akres 10 berries.... i get 3 hearts as a thankyou
i choose energy... i gift heavenly hag 20 dragon flowers.... i get 6 energy as a thankyou
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28. Jul 2019, 05:44

i would love a swap idea like this. :) :) :) :)
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28. Jul 2019, 06:04

Thank you Karen for your ideas. I will forward them to the Developers.
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