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19. Sep 2019, 22:26

Please forgive me if this idea or something similar has already been suggested:

Since we spend so much time and effort on raising and releasing dragons, it might be nice to have a personal history or log of some sort detailing the name, type/image, release (and/or return) date of each dragon. That way we can look back and see the different dragons we've sent out... this can then even be turned into a separate challenge of its own down the line (something similar to collecting Pokemon) if there happens to be a variety of different dragons available.

Since we don't know what the dragon looks like until it hatches, it's exciting to see if it turns out to be a dragon we've already seen or a new one (so far I've only raised two dragons -- one red one with two heads and the other blue with a big-horned nose). And if the developers have assigned names to our dragons upon release, it's much more personalized it seems. We could also have games asking players to suggest dragon names we can use/put in rotation.

I understand the number of dragons released is already counted weekly towards our clan ranking, but the dragon history/log would be a more personal, overall account... another fun way to see how much we've contributed to the betterment of Magoia. :)
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1. Oct 2019, 11:02

I like the idea, thank you very much for submitting it.
Don't know what the others here at Trollgames think of it but I will forward it and talk about it.
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