Ability to view all "clicks" to our gardens

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23. Nov 2019, 19:04

So today, a good friend let me know that she cleared three of my plants that had one click left each before I harvested my garden. Now, I had planted Light Bindweed II, which has over a 7 hour grow time, so is a 4 click plant. So the fact that people had clicked on 3 separate plants to leave them with 1 click needed each is frustrating. If all people would finish plants before moving to the next that would be much appreciated.

We have all made posts, complained or discussed in great lengths how frustrating this behavior is to us. Rather than complain or send a group message again, I would like to make a couple suggestions to help us to avoid and circumvent the bad and rude players or just those that are new and do not understand yet.

First, when our friends visit our gardens, they can see which plants have all clicks completed as well as which plants have partial clicks and how many left to complete them. Why can we not see the same information in our own gardens? Why can I only see the completed plants and have no knowledge of which plants are waiting to be completed? I would like to suggest that devs update our gardens so we can see all the clicks, finished or not. Even if this does not stop the rude or uninformed people from doing the bad clicking, it will allow us to leave those plants that are partial to not waste the clicks that good friends have left.

Second, I would like to suggest that there be a way to detail who clicked on which exact plant in the garden. I would like the list to detail which person clicked on each individual plant and if they moved to a different plant. Each planting spot in each garden could have an assigned number in the garden, like A1, A2 , A3 etc for the Aqua garden. So rather than the list just stating which friend clicked on 3 Light Bindweed II's it would state the plant and position number. This way you would know who was skipping around and not finishing one plant. I believe this would give us the opportunity to speak with the newer players that do not understand yet how it works, and have the potential to stop the malicious people from clicking rudely if we knew who was doing it. Or at the least, if it does not stop the malicious people, at least you would know who it was and could delete them as a friend.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

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23. Nov 2019, 23:18

Well said Tylady. I agree 100%
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24. Nov 2019, 02:31

I agree, there have been times when gardens I have visited have had three separate plants clicked, easy to finish if they are two click plants and caught before the owner of the garden harvests, but not when one click has been allocated to each of four or three click plants which then sit waiting to be completed.
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24. Nov 2019, 23:15

Great Idea! If we could see the plant clicks in or gardens we could leave partially clicked ones planted until fully clicked by visitors.
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11. Jan 2020, 12:25

I like to understand the frustration
instead of going after other players's clicks, maybe it's a better for all idea if . . .

Maybe friends - starting from each Clan - can just be educated & informed of what really happens if they do not finish one plant . . .

Maybe there are players who are just unaware of the gravity of the disturbance it causes you to have this in your gardens
- in this case why not to just include a note on this under the Avatar?

Maybe even a kind and educating Topic could be included [again] in the Hints & Tactics section . . .

:) ;)

Hope the suggestions help towards a solution good to all!!
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