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11. Aug 2020, 02:17

i think it would make things very easy if the developers could create a quick link to the requested flowers or brews in the championship. click on the request and automatically get to the item so it can be easily accessed instead of looking through dozens of brews or flowers to find it. perhaps in each garden and the brewery a link to the championship too instead of only on the main page.
have a link to the brewery by clicking the item and it acts like the book of goals
in each garden, a link to the championship so when you click on the flower they want next to the quest, it automatically goes there and you can plant in whichever garden that flower right then and there.
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12. Aug 2020, 14:41

Great idea, I'll forward it do the developers!

EDIT: Apparently this already exists. Please check the little icons on the top right corner of the requested item icons.
There you should see either the brewery pot that brings you to the brewery or the chest that takes you to your inventory.

Try it out, it should work fine :)
Let me know if you need further help. :)
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15. Aug 2020, 02:39

YES they are there. very tiny so i never noticed. thankyou so much Eddard!
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