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9. Jun 2021, 02:28

I feel like this has been suggested before, but I cannot find it so am posting it again.

When you finish raising your dragon and send him out flying to bring back dragon flowers, you can look at the detail when you click on him. Currently it shows how long until he returns, the cost of energy to speed him up and the cost of lilies to finish him and bring him back early.

Would it be possible to add what flower you picked for him to go get?

I stagger my dragons so I am not filing all three at once and often forget which one I picked when I go to send the next one as it may be a day after. If I could check on his status so what he was going to get, it would be very helpful.

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10. Jun 2021, 10:04

Hello Tylady,

thanks for your message.
I don't know if that has been suggested before but nonetheless, I really like the idea.
I have forwarded it to the developers and game designers so they can implement it into the game.

Best regards,
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