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10. Jul 2021, 19:54

I try to be a very helpful person when I am visiting my friends gardens and use my clovers to help them get extra plants. I always make sure if they are in game (their dot is light green) that I do not leave partial plants if the plants are completed and ready to be harvested. I will finish my clicks for them on another plant I can complete, check another garden for other plants, or hold my leftover clovers for when they have re-planted. This way the friend gets the full benefit of the bonus/clovers and do not harvest partially clicked plants that will not give them the bonus. I feel it is the considerate thing to do.

The friends bar at the bottom of the page is one of very few places you can see a friends' in Game status dot, and it only shows you 8 friends at a time. When you are visiting friends and use the the Blue arrows on the sides of friends gardens to navigate to the next person on your list, it does not advance the friends bar once you reach the end of the current row. This causes you to no longer be able to see their In Game Status dot. This also is the case if you happen to use the visit button/option to jump directly to a friends garden.

Currently, I either have to remember to advance the friends bar, or skip through it until I find the friend I am visiting, or search for them in the friend search to know what their current in game status is, which as you can guess becomes tedious and time consuming.

I am suggesting that either you find a way for the friends bar at the bottom to center or advance to go to the friend that you are jumping too, or possibly add their In Game/Status Dot somewhere on their page/garden for you to see when you go to visit them.

Thank you for your consideration.

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7. Nov 2021, 16:41

i like the "advance the bar" idea too.
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