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I have sent several suggestions to support department. I thought I would list them down again here. Before that, I am not a programmer or designer so these suggestions might require a lot of work which I have no clue, so please forgive me if I am selfish and make these all sound simple.

Please, to whom it may concern, here they are:

1) Brewery Loop - make the name of the craft in queue appear in a tooltip when you hover on loop 2, 3, 4
It's quite hard to know which you have in queue after a few hours of being offline especially when you have several different crafts of the same category going on at the same time. Example in Herb loop, you have water herb 1, air herb 4, light herb 3 etc etc in one loop.

2) Lock certain amount of crafts (brewery potions) or plants so they're not accidentally given to questies or used somewhere else.
The struggle to craft high level potions is real especially with the time to get these plants and then process them in the brewery. Then suddenly you accidentally use them for something while the gardener is already knocking at your door. It's very time consuming. I don't know where this can be done - chest? book of goals? But this will surely be a big help.

3) Magoia clock with time zone.
I've only been playing several months but 98% of new letters or notices doesn't include any exact time or time zone. Please make it a permanent feature on the main page for our sanity's sake because clan and world chat time are also different. We are coming from different parts of the world!

4) Improve layout of the Gardens coz friend monsters are unnoticeable.
A monster appearing in Aqua just below the banner, under the Tree garden icon, is just one of the few spots that is very hard to notice. Today, we received a notice for some changes wherein they said, the monster that is ready to be chased away is highlighted so the owner or even newbies can't miss them. (Something to that effect. At the time of this writing, I think the update hasn't happened yet. As to what time I don't know coz again there's no exact time/time zone written.)

If this highlight thing takes effect it surely is good BUT why not highlight the friend monster that is needed to be fought by our Friends?? That is far better and helpful to friends visiting the garden. I always check the monsters in my garden but friends, 95% of the time just breezes through the garden and misses the friend monster.

Now, THANK YOU for fixing the "continue" button for the friend monster. That was an enormous help!! Too bad the veteran players had to deal with it for many years. I've experienced the hassle.
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