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many beginner players are making mistakes, asking other players for help, and are not quite understanding many parts to the game that seem trivial, but can really matter.
i am suggesting a beginner's manual.
the manual should give a player understanding on:
-how friendship clicks work in a garden, including marked plants .... many click several plants just one time, not understanding that if the plant is not finished the player does not get the bonus. that finishing a plant first before going to another plant or a monster is how it should be played. Some players assumed that the marked plants were actually the number of clicks someone had already done and that the plant was unfinished.
-a quick run down of all the events we have and what they offer.
-how to log into the forum and what is available here
- how to heal a tree and what happens when you do not heal it in the first try, how quest givers reduce their gifts if you do not heal in the first try, and how, if you heal the tree quickly, you will be required to pay much more the next time... that you should draw the time out, still healing it on the first run but not so quickly.
-how to open a new garden and the requirements for all garden upgrades. it should also be made clear what happens when you level a garden that will require fighting a monster, how planting spaces will disappear, and if your plants that are in the garden need to be harvested first
-how the ancestor tree works, gifts you get from the tree, and information on the ancestor dragon
-how the market works
-what gold plants are and how to create one
-how to navigate the settings
--how to apply for and leave a clan
-what happens if you do not give a quest giver what they want without cancelling the quest or if you end up over 24 hours before you give.
-how to fight monsters with brews, including how to read what the brews can do, what the symbols mean (reduced potency) and how to use moon dust when fighting them
-how to best use the chest for energy
-friend monster: you get a fruit, energy, xp, and points.

many of these are questions other newer players have asked me over and over again. some things just are not clear and older players have forgotten what it was like to begin and not know what things do or how they work. we take it for granted that we have figured it out somehow, but it would be nice, especially since there are more things being added all the time, to have a little manual for a beginner. everyone should have access to it too.

if i have forgotten anything that someone feels should be added, please make a note.
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