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Friends? Clans? Who are these people? And how do I find GOOD Ones?

As in real life, you put yourself out there by being friendly, social and then you pray! 8-)

Seriously, it's mostly about figuring out how committed to the game, your friends and your Clan, you are going to be.

Friends List- it's not about chatting away every day. Friends are helpers - they help your garden and you help their garden. You can chat some by game email if you are the friendly sort but mostly friends just help each other out. But it can be more...


I use my friends list when ever my Clan needs a new Clan Member... it's the first place I look: who helps me all the time and who am I always able to help daily, who is online everyday, who do I chat with on the forums, or in-game emails, who is fun to talk to or play with, who gives me good advice.

But what happens when your not in a Clan but want to be? Do you just apply to as many as you can and hope you find good people? Do you apply to the top three clans and hope they pick you? Or look for the Clan with the really cool name? Or apply to the last three clans on the list of Clans? And if a Clan turns you down should you never speak to them again? Well, here's some thoughts from me to you on the subject of Clans: there is a lot of LUCK involved in finding a good Clan. But doing some homework can lessen the amount of luck you need to have!

Let's start with the facts!
  • 1. Clans are restricted in size - the top clans, right now, can have a maximum of 25-27 people, the more a Clan levels the more members it can have. Lower level clans have a smaller maximum membership.
    2. Clans have their own chat system - so they talk much more than you will ever see in World Chat (you know, that big empty white window on the bottom left of your screen) :mrgreen:
    3. Most Clans have rules or guidelines of what they require of their members - if they feel you are a candidate most will send this info to you for you to look over and agree to.
    3. Clans are (or should be) extremely friendly and helpful - in gardens, healing trees, sending out dragons, feeding the grove, helping each other with strategy, explaining the game, answering questions, etc.
    4. And the best Clans will help not only their Clan Mates but everyone/anyone in game!
That's the facts about Clans... Now, how do you find a good one? There are a few questions you need ask yourself. Here is my working theory on Clans:
  • 1. What do I want from my clan? Social? To be Number One? Just some friendly people to play with?
    2. How often do I play? Once daily? Multiple times daily? Every other day? Every couple days?
    3. How reliable is my computer, internet, etc.?
    4. Can I follow other peoples needs, wants or rules? Or do I want to be in charge?
    5. What language(s) do I speak?
    6. Where am I located in the world?
    7. If I apply to a Clan and they don't answer me or decline me joining should I never attempt to join again?
Wondering what all that leads to? Keep reading!

1. Often Social or 'Just some friendly people to play with' is harder to find - because that's about clicking with other people just like in Real Life (RL). You just have to search out people in game via chat, in game emails or on the forums and see who you click with. Want to be in the number one clan? or even close to it? You're going to have to commit, time, consistency and play style to the Clan. (see #2)

2. If you only play every couple of days - you are not going to get into a Top Ten Clan. Well, you may get in but you won't last... To stay in Top Ten placement most Clans have rules on playing daily, being a certain level, sending out dragons, leveling up, etc.

3. If you have issues with your computer or internet service; these issues may keep you out of some clans, if you're required to play daily but your internet is always down or you lag out so you can't get things done then again some clans will not keep you (especially if they are focused on leveling the Clan up).

4. If you can't follow someone else's rules - then make your own Clan! lol Clan Leader's are dictators - a lot will work in a Monarchy Style (trying to please Clan Members and discussing things with Clan Chiefs) but in the end most default to - I made this Clan and my decision is the final decision. (I admit, in my past Guild Leading, that was me... In the end I had final decision/veto on everything.)

5. Hablas Español? Sprichst du Deutsch? I mean, if you join my Clan - our Clan Chat is in English, we have people who speak just a little English BUT the Clan as a whole speaks in English. There is another clan - like ours - but their Clan Chat is mainly in German. For both our clans it is not REQUIRED you speak our language but, let's be realistic, if you don't speak a word of German you won't have much fun in a Clan that chats 90% in German and the same is true for our English speaking Clan if you don't speak a word of English.

6. Some Clans are geographic. If you can not play multiple times daily, it will be more fun for you to find a clan that is on your time schedule (or close to it) so you actually SEE other players online. If you are Australian playing in a mostly American Clan - you will be sleeping while they are playing and vice versa. If you play multiple times over the day, that is not as much of an issue.

7. NO! Re-apply whenever you feel like it. They may have not had openings, you may not have met a requirement they have (i.e. your level) or the world may have slipped it's Axis and your email got lost or deleted by accident. Most should tell you why you're declined and if your circumstances change - (i.e. your level again) ;) you may now qualify. Remember! Clans have member limits - they may let you go because you will be gone two weeks or a month but will let you rejoin at the next opening when you return. Don't take it bad/personally, be reasonable and if you like or liked the clan - reapply.

Remember, Anyone can create a Clan after a certain level and some do and are never seen again. :o lol Some create a Clan then do nothing else with it, it's just a place to hang your hat. In the end, finding a Good Clan is a search until you find where you fit. If your first attempt isn't a good fit - kindly inform your Clan Leader/Clan Chiefs (they may be able to help you out with some issues). But either way - don't burn bridges, just cross them as you leave on good terms.

Personal Note from ME to YOU: DO NOT EVER let anyone in game bully you, or be mean/spiteful to you, or be disrespectful to you or haze you in any way! That is not what Magoia, The Clans or It's Players are about! Report any abuse immediately! Arguments and disagreements occur (let's be real, not everyone agrees with or likes everyone else) and sometimes writing and language barriers don't convey joking or teasing correctly to everyone but ongoing verbal abuse will not be tolerated! If you are in doubt or feel you need some support - talk to a Friend in game, a Clan Member, a Forum Moderator or Support using private messaging or in-game email - they will usually be able to help you or explain what may have happened or they will confirm your feelings and tell you "Report It Immediately"!! Take screen shots of conversations that are abusive. In the end, it is your decision to make - but remember, most people in game are great people - Don't a let one or two bad apples ruin your Apple Pie!

May the Clan be with you!!

Proud Member of Clan Marez!
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Image Great article. This will be very helpful to new players and also to existing clans and members.
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This is an extremely useful article. I was very lucky when I started and got into my clan but it would have been great to have had this to read. I still would have picked my clan ;)
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