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Step 1: Capture the image — Assuming the area you want to capture is displayed on your screen,
press the Print Screen (often shortened to “PrtScn”) key, typically located in the upper-right corner of your keyboard,
to capture a screenshot of your entire display. Alternatively, press Alt + Print Screen to capture a
screenshot of the active window.
I use Alt+Prt SC as I do not like my entire desktop showing and it makes
the picture size smaller.


There will be no noise or any other indication the screenshot was taken, but the resulting image will be saved as
a PNG file to your clipboard.
(If using Windows 8 or 10, click the Windows Key + Print Screen to automatically save a
full-screen screenshot within the Screenshots folder of your picture directory. Alternatively, if you have Dropbox installed,
the screenshot will be automatically deposited in your Dropbox directory, under Screenshots.)

Step 2: Open Paint (or Your favorite Image Editing Software) — Click the Start menu, find and open Paint to a new project.

Step 3: Paste the screenshot — Once open, click the Paste button in the upper-left corner of the program, choose Edit
then Paste, or press Ctrl + V on the keyboard to paste your screenshot.


Step 4: Save the screenshot — Perform any edits you want, such as cropping the image to a specified area, and click the
main File option in the upper-left corner. Afterward, select Save as, title the new file, choose a save location, and select
your desired file format from the drop-down menu. For most purposes, JPG will do fine, but a variety of other formats are
available to choose from such as PNG, GIF, and others. Click the gray Save button in the bottom-right corner when finished.

Remember where you saved your file – because you need to find it again. I put mine in the Downloads folder
as I will delete them after a time. If I want to save them I put them in the Pictures file.

Step 5: Host your image - Now you need to host the image: you can use or
- both are free image hosting sites I use but there are others as well. I use ctrlq the most as it requires no signups,
etc. and it’s a one time use and it’s gone. I use photobucket when I want to keep the shots available for a long time or
multiple use. Unless you build websites I wouldn't bother keeping screenshots for long term.


Just click the Upload Picture Button and find your file on your computer and hit open.
Then scroll down the webpage toward the bottom and you will see two links - copy the Direct Link
in the box by highlighting it with your cursor and then pressing CTRL+C.


Step 6 - Post to the Forum - Open the forum and Click on Post Reply – when the window opens write any text and then
click on the IMG button at the top of window – in the message window you will see {img}{/img} . Your cursor will be blinking in the space
between the parenthesis. Click CTRL+V and it will paste the link in.


Click submit and your picture will appear after it loads.

Hope this helps! I will keep editing this to try to clean up the sizing of photos and to streamline the info a little.
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Thank you very much. I am going to practise :)
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Thank you very much for this. We need to spread the word about this article as quite a few people had problems with doing this. (Me included so it is lucky i wasn't playing)
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Just a word:

PHOTOBUCKET is NOT free. you have to pay monthly!!!!
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i always use
it is free
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I'd like to add, if you use paint to save the picture as a JPEG (look at the line underneath where you choose a file name, change the file type), it should be small enough to add as an attachment to the forum post instead of having to host it somewhere else. Underneath the text box where you type your forum post, is a tab that says "Upload attachement". Go in there, choose your file and add it, then tell it to post the file inline.
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