Global Chat Info and Dragons!!

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Have you been watching Global Chat (GC)???!!!???
Yup, if you haven't caught it yet, The Mods have invaded the GC!!! :lol:
Riddle Me this! is my favorite game!! Let's get talking and helping! Your Mods reward players for engaging in GC and encourages Players to help Players. Some times there will even be SNEAK ATTACK prizes when we catch you all being nice and helping each other in chat!

We all know there are some issues with the GC and we will work on getting some solutions, but for now, everyone just jumping in to help will make Magoia that much better!! Yes, a solution to SEEING past chat is on my list. :roll:

On a more serious note!!! We have been told people don't want to chat because some people are mean or sarcastic when they do. Magoia, your Mods, and I hope, all you players reading this, WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY ABUSE! Screen shot it, if you see it, and let us know! We will take action, give warnings and if warranted ban the player(s).

Everyone knows the Golden Rule of Courtesy, If you Parents didn't teach you, here it is: If you can't say something nice or be helpful in a kind manner - DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL! GC is for the Magoia Players, and because there is no history on it - we will need to rely on you, Our Great Magoia Players, to help police chat and keep people nice. (Sorta make's you all Mini Mods!!!) lol

That's all it takes, if you aren't comfortable jumping in verbally on a Troll (and sometimes it's best not to engage) - Just screen shot it and send it on with the time and date! Me, Pet Dragon, Aramina and the Support Team will all appreciate your efforts - you can message any of us!! We will never tell who assists us

So let's play, let's chat, and let's have fun together!! But Remember! GC belongs to the DRAGONS and we all know about dragons:

"Meddle Not In The Affairs Of Dragons For You Are Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup :!: "

Keep those Dragons happy!
If you want to Conquer the World... You best have Dragons.
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