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6. Apr 2018, 07:10

If you send in a ticket to Support you will immediately get an automatically sent response like this;

Hello ???????,
Thank you for your message.

We received your message and will work on it as soon as possible. Our support is there for you from Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM.
Please do not change the information in the subject line because it could get a bit more difficult for us to assign your ticket.
Here’s what you wrote us: (the message originally sent is posted)

Within 24 hours (Sometimes the Moderators are asleep :) ) you will receive an answer from a Moderator. We all try our best to answer as fast as possible. It may be the answer to your problem or it may be that more information is needed to solve your issue. It is very important for you to check your emails to see if you need to respond further or just to find out if the Moderator has the answer you need. Some problems cannot be solved by the Moderators and will need to be forwarded on to someone in Administration.

IMPORTANT - If you send in a Support ticket please check your email.
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3. Nov 2018, 04:33

I would just like to add a little bit to Pet Dragons post.

Subject line : Just a couple of words to let us know what the ticket is about examples; Game not loading or Tree healing or Forum login
There is usually two or more Moderators and sometimes a Moderator may have a lot of experience in a particular area. The subject line can let us know straightaway who is best to sort out a ticket as quickly as possible.

Description : Please make this as detailed as possible. It is best to have more information than less. example; If you need someone removed from your Clan.
You are the Chief so you do not need to give us a reason but please make sure you have the name correct and add the Clan name. Game isn't working. Add things like what is loading and what isn't as this can speed up the Technicians job when he/she is trying to find the problem. If you can, add a screenshot. In general, please, let us know any information you can.

Pet Dragon is correct. ALWAYS check your emails. We will ALWAYS reply. :D
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23. Jun 2019, 19:31

How do you put in a support ticket?
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Hi Bracha
Underneath the friend bar on your game page, there is the word support, if you click on it a board will open up asking if you have any problems or questions regarding the game If you click on that you can send in a ticket :)
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13. Jul 2019, 15:52

I just have to say you guys have the best response time to support tickets as any company I have ever had the pleasure or sometimes mispleasure lol of working with
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14. Jul 2019, 01:52

It is nice to hear that the Magoia Team are working well. We all try very hard to help everyone as soon as we can.
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