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14. Apr 2018, 06:47

So the DEVs have kindly provided us with the Goals Book AND a new sorting system for our plants! These two new updates, together, are going to rock your world!

Let's start with the Sorting System in your inventory. You can access your inventory by going into a garden or the brewery and clicking on the little treasure chest in the lower right hand corner.


Once you do that you will see the "Sort As" menu drop down box:


Amount Descending - Your plants, brews, etc. (whichever tab you chose) will reorder starting from the MOST you have in inventory and descending to the least
Amount Ascending - Your plants, brews, etc. (whichever tab you chose) will reorder starting from the LEAST you have in inventory and ascending to the most

Time Descending - Your plants, brews, etc. (whichever tab you chose) will reorder starting from the item that takes the MOST time and descending to the least*

Time Ascending - Your plants, brews, etc. (whichever tab you chose) will reorder starting from the item that takes the LEAST time and ascending to the most*

Gardens - return your inventory list to it's normal format

Now on to the Goals Book! It can be found in the Brewery on the lower left side but you can also access it from any Inventory item, the Plant Academy, your Gardeners (in each garden). etc. - just look for the Arrow stuck in the target and click it! Just know if you do it from an inventory item it will add that item to your goals list.


You can log or track six (6) goals at one time. You can track individual plants, brews, garden level ups, etc. individually - Just click on the item's target icon and then manually enter how many of that item you want to have. This is the simplest use of the system.


In the picture above I have manually entered Fire Potion 1 and Light Herb 1 and set the amounts to 6 potions and 2 potions respectively - as I make potions the goal will count up until it says Goal Achieved!

For the Air Potion 1 - I entered the brewery and clicked on that Target Icon next to potion name - as you can see it shows all the items I need for the potion - the top line (in brown) shows 13 more Green Lampion are needed - the second line (in green) shows that all the requited Air Mushrooms are in inventory.

The fourth goal was entered through the Plant Academy by clicking on the Target Icon next the plant to be opened - this provides the list of items you need instead of just the how many of the plant you want. (This is how I will do it from now on!!) :P


Be careful to watch for dupes - if you enter two goals, for instance, that need the same potions - it will tell you both are achieved but once you use/open/complete the first one - the second will now be short it's inventory! (Both the Honey Garden and the Mist Twine take Light Potion 4 - the Honey Garden will change to green once I have made 4 potions - the Mist Twine will show 15 Light Potions in stock also once I have made them BUT once I open the Mist Twine - those potions will be gone and I will need 4 MORE for the Honey Garden. If you have duplicate potions you will need to watch and ADD the amounts you need! i.e. I need 19 Light Potions.)


The above photo shows a more advanced use of the Goals Book. You can see that I am now tracking the next three plants I want to open, as well as the next items needed for the next level of each of my gardens. (This is done by clicking on your gardener when he appears in each of your gardens - just look for that Target Icon again!)

In Your Goals Page - you can run your cursor over a goal ingredient and it will turn white. If you click on it one time you will see a cauldron icon and the Herb Witch Icon appear to the right! (Look at the Goal for Light Bindweed.)


If you click on the cauldron - the page will switch to the brewery tab for that potion, powder or herb so you can just click to brew. (Know if you potion is higher level - the page on the left will not be correct (it shows the first page of that potion, powder or herb) - BUT the right side will be the item you need to brew. Click it and go! This is one of the BEST parts of the Goals page! No popping from screen to screen - just click and go!


If you click on the Herb Witch Icon it will take you to her - if she is not currently in your garden - you will see a message telling you when she will be and you can wait or you can summon her early for Lilies.


When you have completed a goal you will get a Green Target on your Quest Bar (Upper right corner of the screen) and the Main Page of your Goals Book will show that you have completed one of your goals!! (Thanks to Petdragon for reminding me!)

Image Image

As always, I hope this helps and I will edit it as new info or suggestions come in!
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14. Apr 2018, 13:10

You should write a book. You have a way with words. Thank you for explaining the Book of Goals. I love it and already I am wondering how I ever did without it.
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23. Apr 2018, 09:09

I want to emphasize an important point, it is imperative to delete all completed quests in the book of goals.

As for the level up of gardens, here I have the example of lvl 4 honey garden, If you complete the quest and you do not remove it in the goal book when you did, here is the result.
The name was incremented by one point (honey garden level up to 5) but the requirements of lvl 4 were still in memory in the goal book. This can be misleading as the requirements of the lvl 5 honey garden are totally different.
You must delete the quests in the book of goals when goals are achieved.
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23. Apr 2018, 17:45

The garden upgrade has been fixed. It shows as completed now with an upgrade button available to you once the requirements are met.
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23. Apr 2018, 20:49

Thank you Cecili.
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