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29. Aug 2018, 23:37

So you've leveled up a little and you find you have some time on your hands while you wait for plants to grow, potions to brew or dragons to return AND you already ran through your friends gardens. Or you're really up there and waiting on all those gardens of 27 hour plants to finish. Here's a few things to fill your time:

1. Have you built up your stash yet? What's a stash you ask? Most players keep a base number of plants, usually a thousand or more, for use during various events and happenings. If you are little (low level) - start lower - say 500 plants of each type - when you have time, up it to 1000 plants, etc.

Why you ask? Because you will need low level plants even at higher levels. Seasonal Events take a lot of lower level plants, Quest Givers request lower level potions even at high levels, Healing your tree uses all different plants and let's not forget your brewery needs... it's a fact of Magoia life, as you level - plants and brewing take more time so if you have your garden locked up with a 27 hour growing plant and your tree needs healing too; well, THEN you will appreciate your stash!

2. What about your brewery stash? Yep, you will like life better if you have a brewery stash too!

Now, let's not get crazy...
you don't need 500 or 1000 of each potion, herb or powder but you DO need to remember to keep a few lower level brews on hand for those pesky little monsters that appear in your garden no matter WHAT level you are and don't forget the quest givers (they LOVE those low level brews).

NOTHING is worse than having to use a 175 damage potion to kill a level 70 monster cause your brewery is tied up for the next 48 hours or you just can't wait to do it! Or that frustration we all feel when we've gauged that monster just a SMIDGE wrong - yep, it was 2795 pts and we used a 2790 Damage potion of the right element... ANNND it didn't give it to us!! We are left staring at one or two points. Won't you be kicking yourself then, when you have no lower level potions!

3. Have you enobled your Golden Plants and your Trees? More plants and trees will NEVER be better then higher level plants and trees!!

Have a plan for what puzzle pieces you need and be sure that when you receive puzzle pieces they are for the CORRECT plant; i.e. the one you are actually working on getting, not the LAST one you were doing. Some puzzle pieces are universal, you can use them on ANY Golden Plant, but some will apply only to the plant you have chosen; so pay attention!

And don't forget those cuddly, little Moon Mice! If you are snagging up a hundred for 20 Energy everyday (or every couple of days) whether you need them or not - well then, when you go to raise those plant and tree levels - voila - you already have them!

4. What's your plan? If you don't have a plan, well, that's oookay; you can always start one today. But if you have passed level 10 and don't realize that Magoia is a strategy based farm game -- you must be pretty frustrated at this point! It's all about the planning! Knowing what you are growing, what you are brewing, when dragons should fly and what events are coming in the future, like Moon Events, Seasonal Events, and a HUGE one for energy consumption: World Tree healing, etc.

Your gardens should always be full of growing plants, your brewery should have all three types of brews cooking. Your Book of Goals and the Plant Academy will be your best friends for planning ahead. Remember: you grow plants, to open other plants AND make brews, and then to open gardens. It's all one big pyramid and if you forget a stone at the bottom - well you have an imagination, you know what happens. ;)

If you have a plan and KNOW your plan -- you won't find you just used those 5 Water Potion 2 brews to clear out monsters in another garden you when you were ORIGINALLY brewing them to open up the next plant that opens up the next garden level for you!

And be aware of your consumables: Crystals, Energy, and Water Lilies can go down to ZERO in a FLASH! Worst case scenario: Opening a new garden, when a Moon Event comes up AND suddenly your World Tree needs to be healed two days later! Have a strategy, KNOW your plan and check where you are with it constantly!

5. Thought you finished your tutorials? Wrong! See that top tutorial button with the star on it? It's not just there as a reward that flashes to let you know you done good!

You should actively be checking that star and working on keeping all the quests on a pretty even level as you go along.

Wonder why you can't beat someone out of Level 1 in the Leagues? Start paying attention to these quests and you may just edge them out of 1st place!

6. Have you checked out the forums lately? Go check out new posts, but take some time and check out some OLD posts too! Information changes and updates all the time. You, or at least I, forget things!

Share your knowledge with others, help a player out by answering questions - the best you can offer is better than NOTHING, isn't it!?! And you learn best by teaching! Don't be embarrassed or worried you will not get it totally right... it's being WILLING to help that counts! And you never know when you will read through a post and say, Dang! I forgot about that! or Sheesh! I hadn't thought of that!

To be totally honest this post was inspired by my realizing I wasn't watching and paying attention really to those Star Quests (and that YES, they were actually quests I should be actively be accomplishing!)

7. Oh yeah!!! Don't forget those Dragon Plants either!! As you level, it gets pretty easy to just tell your dragon(s) to bring back the newest/highest level of Dragon Plants each time until when you reach higher levels you have all your dragons bringing back Dragon Stars all the time. But you are always brewing at all levels so you need to check every so often and see when your Dragon Orchid and Dragon Lotus are getting low. Then, every once in a while, send out three dragons and have each one bring back a different Dragon Plant.

8. And finally, just another note for planning... include your Clan and your Friends List in your planning. If your Clan/Friends are no longer meeting your needs or most of the people have left and your wanting better game play... then that should factor into your plans and strategy too, shouldn't it!?!

Just a few of my thoughts to fill in your time... do you have a suggestion or two? And yes, sometimes I read a book while I wait or hop on Pinterest but let's keep these suggestions in the realm of Magoia itself, please! :lol:

~~ I know you're probably thinking "Oh no she didn't!" but I just so totally did!! ~~
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30. Aug 2018, 03:03

i will start checking that star. thank you :)
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30. Aug 2018, 11:44

Aeris64 this post is very well presented. Thank you!
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31. Aug 2018, 00:45

Excellent article. Thank you very much Aeris64.
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31. Aug 2018, 05:42

Thank you all for the kind words!! Aeris64
~~ I know you're probably thinking "Oh no she didn't!" but I just so totally did!! ~~
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