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30. Aug 2018, 01:34

WORK IN PROGRESS!! Please be patient!

OK - This one is for MODs and a few players! They requested it... All the little secrets you never knew about your forum! (This breakdown is line by line top to bottom)


Board Index: Click on these words and you are taken to the main screen of the forum (as shown above) at any time from anywhere in the forum.
-A+: Click on this little Icon and, you guessed it, the fonts get bigger and smaller! :lol:

User Control Panel (O new messages): This will take you to YOUR personal user control panel AND shows you if have any new private messages without you needing to go into the control panel itself.


View your posts: This brings up a list of all the posts you have made (incase you only want to read your own stuff). :shock: :lol: Just kidding!! It will allow you to find a post you have made quickly (even if it was in answer to someone else's post and you have forgotten where it is.)


FAQ: This will take you to the FAQ for the forum - a lot of this info is there but there are no pictures


Members: Shows a listing of Forum Members


Logout/Login: Well if I have to explain that one... Houston, we have a problem! ;) Note: If you have an issue posting in the forum - check first to make sure you are logged in or that the system did not log you out at some point. (See photo #1)

Current Time: by Server Time (not necessarily YOUR local time) (See photo #1)
Last Visit Was: shows the date and time you were last logged into the Forum (again by Server Time not your local time) (See photo #1)

View Unanswered Posts: This will bring up a listing of all posts that have been made that no one has answered yet


View Unread Posts: This will bring up a listing of any posts YOU have not read (i.e. looked at)


View New Posts: This will bring up a listing of any NEW posts that have been made (by anyone) since the last time you logged in or clicked Mark forums read


View Active Topics: This will bring up a listing of Topics in which anyone on the forum has been active (i.e. they posted a replay, or added some info. etc)


Mark forums read: This will mark every topic/post up to that moment as you having seen it even if you didn't. Why do this? If you log on each day and click View new posts -- you will see all the new information added -- you may have no interest in a post/topic that comes up -- if so, then you can click Mark forums read and the NEXT time you log in -- ONLY new posts will show since your last login - if you don't click Mark forums read -- those posts you don't look at will show up again because you didn't look at them yet so they are new.

Forum: The World of Magoia - This link will take you directly to the Magoia US Game Login screen

Magoia Official: These are Topics and Posts that are made only by Magoia Personel - Admins/Devs/Mods. Players can only view this area - you cannot post here.
News and Change Logs: Posts regarding game changes or information about the game that the Admins/Devs wish you to know.
FAQ: List the information FAQ for the Forum
Magoia Crew: Is an informal listing of the Mods (with a small bio usually) so you know who they are
Rules: This is a list of the official rules for the Forum

Magoia in General: This is your area! This is where you can post in the Topics listed *more on this later*
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30. Aug 2018, 02:56

i had never noticed the -A+ before
i will tell my nanna as she may need it lol (runs away laughing)
thank you aeris64 for this information
the forum has answered so many of my questions (saves me bugging my clan mates every 5 minutes lol
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