How Did You Choose Your Game Tag?

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23. Oct 2017, 14:49

OK - this is just a social tab to get people talking (and what better way then to explain how the heck we came up with some of these tags!) :roll:

I'm Aeris64 - it's a tag I use all over the web and it started with my dog! He's a big (80 lb), dopey, lovable black lab! That's a good place to start...right? Well, I thought so. cause he loves me no matter how grouchy I get. :lol:
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26. Oct 2017, 03:13

That is easy. I would love a dragon as a pet. :)
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1. Nov 2017, 03:04

When my nieces got to be 15 or so I said that it was time to stop calling me Aunty and they asked what my nickname was. I told them I had never had a nickname so they all got together and came up with Maz and it has stuck. The Mazzify came about when I had to come up with a user name. Maz was usually gone and I remembered a movie where the witches said "stupefy and then Mazzify was born. I am also known as Mazzy or Mazzie. Long story...My real name is Marea :)
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14. Feb 2018, 07:41

My game tag is really my name. The funny thing is my mother named me after one of my dad's old girlfriends. She heard the name and loved it. For our middle names my mother used a happy name. :D
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25. Oct 2018, 01:59

I'm Shawnee, I came up with the name because it the name of my tribe I come from
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31. Oct 2018, 04:06

shuggahbowl is my name on just about everything on the web. I just spelled sugar like it sounds. :D
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31. Oct 2018, 05:15

Mix of some family names and user names.
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11. Aug 2019, 17:53

I was going to use the name Mercury but decided to use it's other name Quicksilver :D
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12. Aug 2019, 04:00

Simple !

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