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13. Dec 2018, 03:26

If I drank it I wonder what would happen to me would I be made into a stronger, braver person or a dragon master or what I;m scared I really don't know what do.
Horn Mole
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3. Jan 2019, 20:49

And found my phone, dull pocket knife, and a magnifying glass. I decided to take .........
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I decided to take the magnifying glass and some small twigs to try and make a fire. Everytime I got a flame, a cook breeze blew it out. I was getting cold.What should I do?.......................
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Summer Bell sweety
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What should I do? I didn't want to use my magical powers as they would catch me for sure. Maybe a little won't hurt, swoosh blaze - now that' better :)
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I found a pocket knife so I pulled it out, and I started to
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