A magical night

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Faolan opens one eye and raises his head. What was that?

Gingerly, a tiny snowflake descends. The fine crystal fractals are glittering in the light of the ruby moon, the reddish shades in the glistening white perceptible to his dragon eyes only.
He pricks up his ears and listens again. For Java it is complete silence, but Faolan's dragon senses perceive so much more: the soft creaking and crackling of branches under the weight of snow, the rustling of delicate bird claws on his back scales, and the whisper of snowflakes as they touch, it all surrounds him in this cold full moon night. Everything as usual, so what woke him up?

Then he hears it again! Where is it coming from? Should he leave Java alone to go and look for it? But she would get cold and wake up, so no. He sighs.
"What's wrong?", he hears Java's sleepy voice at his side. Why was she awake?
"First you hold your breath and then that sigh...?", she answers his unspoken question. "What did you hear?"
"I don't know, like a fine ringing, but it came from above!", Faolan replies, confused.
"Wonderful! Then we can go back to your dragon's lair!" There is a smile in Java's voice as she is already getting up, pulling the warm blanket tight over her shoulders and starting her way back.

Shamans - can't they not speak in riddles for once?
Faolan trots along behind her.

Stepping around the last rocks, Faolan's eyes grow wide: the entire waterfall was frozen! Millions of icicles and ice crystals, a breathtaking sight!
But Faolan only looks at one thing: a golden glimmer from below - a small ornament with curved lines. It hovers a few inches above the ground.
"Oh, how splendid!" Java carefully clasps it with her hands and picks it up. "A golden charm, he must have lost it. Or left it here for us! Merry Christmas, Faolan, I have to get this to the tribe quickly."
Java hugs him and heads back, leaving Faolan utterly confused.

Do you have any guesses as to what Faolan heard and who froze his waterfall - where do you think the golden charm came from?


Happy holidays to everyone!
Please get creative, share your Christmas greetings, pictures of your decorated tree or whatever you can think of.

Stay safe and healthy and enjoy the festive season :)
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