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8. Jun 2019, 17:02

Thank you both,
I love the song, The Voice on the album Long Distance Voyageur, my absolute favourite of theirs,
I play the LP from start to finish often and since it starts so quietly well it has to be played a bit loud :D
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9. Jun 2019, 09:15

My favorite song from when I was 17.

This one. hmmmm I was 27.
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29. Sep 2019, 14:42

i love everything just no jazz.
it depends on my mood. i love good opera like Jonathan and charlot
also oldies and country like johnny cash --> bitter tears
english is not my first language and my last lesson was a really long time ago. So please excuse my grammar or spelling errors.
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29. Sep 2019, 22:21

I agree IceFairy. I am not a fan of jazz.
Be kind, it shows in your eyes.
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20. Nov 2019, 10:57

Hello from me, as well!!!

Mazzy, Night in White Satin!!! Oh, dear - what a song - how many heart-things to remember!!! LOL
it got me inspired since I saw the post! & Thanks for this! 8-)
To fit with it - How about

OK, as for me - I Love Music ... All kinds of Music (as, there are some which I do Not consider as music, rather noise or something) ..
Traditionally, Rock has been my style, but also Classic & later Ethnic, some New Age etc..

But since last night I can't get out of my mind a song from Kirstin Hersh - Lovely Song // incredible Lyrics - Music - Voice

I invite you to listen to it (if you haven't already/don't know the song) - and I'd LUV to hear what ya think/feel about it!

PS- Icefairy!!! Johnny Cash! ... Love him, too!! ;)
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22. Nov 2019, 12:44

As I stand wondering on something Very important to me in RealLife,

I'd like to add the song:
"You Will, You Won't" - by The Zutons

Hope you enjoy it as much as I (Usually) do :)
Just saying!
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