Calling All Clan Leaders!

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Here's your chance!! I want you all to create a reply to the Topic: Magoia Clans!

Here will be a definitive listing of Clans and info about them - Please only Clan Leaders or someone designated by the Clan Leader create your post - this will allow you to edit it as time goes on and information changes!! This will be the information new and old players can check out to find a Clan that matches their quest for a good clan! It will help new players to find a good match so they get the help and support they need! (we all know low level player retention is bad) I think being able to see REAL information about the Clans - not just who's first or last will help with that!

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Sell me on YOUR Clan!

Have fun! Callia

*items in orange are guidelines
The body of the message will list the facts on your Clan ie:
You can copy by highlighting the message below and then copy and pasting it.

Clan Name: Friendship [Friends]
Clan Leader:
# Chiefs: 2
Max # Members: 28
Clan Rank: League 1

Clan Description: What your Clan is about, your Clan goals, etc.

Clan Requirements: Only players over Lvl 20 + Clan chat is English must be able to speak some English - Must play daily (Requirements to join the Clan, NOT your Clan rules please)

Other Info: Whatever you think you want new players or players looking for a Clan to know

Players to contact if you want to chat with us about our Clan: (List those players who can answer questions and promote your Clan the way YOU want!) I suggest your Chiefs or Long-standing Friendly/Outgoing Members
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