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All Clan leaders or Designated Chief or Right Hand reply to this post after reading - Calling All Clan Leaders!
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Clan Name: Friendship [Friends]
Clan Leader: Icefairy2
# Chiefs: 2 Lorena Day
Max # Members: 28/29
Clan Rank: League 1

Clan Description: We always try to stay on the first place in the ranking, but we got good competition in the rising clans. So we need a new member to help us to raise a lot of dragons, to stay in the first spot. We got our grove on level 3, and that brings a lot of aditional bonuses. Nearly every week we activate a new bonus in the grove. Our main language is english in the chat, but sometimes we also write in german. The clanmails i always write in both languages so everyone has a chance to understand them. We are a happy little group that enjoy playing magoia a lot and if you do to, just write to me.

Clan Requirements: Only players over Lvl 20 + Clan chat is English and German. It wourld be good if you could speak one of those languages or at least be good with the google translater :) Playing daily would be realy good, so we can all raise our dragons fast. Age 15 or higher.

Other Info:

Players to contact if you want to chat with us about our Clan: Icefairy2 and Lorena Day
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Re: Calling All Clan Leaders

Clan Name Green Grove Orchards (G Go)
Leader meme1
Right hands 3 - andreja - Darden - LuluMoon
Max Players: 25 of 26
Clan Rank: League 1

We play regularly and love to garden. We are looking for players who can potentially play daily and who are good team players. We are a friendly and supportive Clan and we enjoy the fun of friendly competition. All Levels are considered. We chatter in English and this is the language we use for our e-mails, we are however a multi-lingual clan.

We are level 3 in the ancestor Grove, so we receive additional bonuses.

If interested in joining our happy supportive clan then please contact meme1 or if you just want to chatter to find out more about us, then contact myself (meme1) or andreja, Darden or LuluMoon.
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Clan: ReadySetGo (RSG)
Clan Leader: Peji
# Chiefs: 3
# Right Hand: 1
Max # Members: 27
Clan Rank: League 1
Ancestor Dragon: Level 2 (almost to three)

We are a multilevel and multiage clan family. We welcome newbies and work together to help everyone learn, grow, and excel in this game.
We are fun loving and easy to get along with.
We are currently in 5th place in the first clan league. If your new, that means we are the fifth highest clan (although that can change easily).
We are a group of daily players that like to chat. While English is our main language, some of our members can communicate in other languages.
We do have rule which are sent to every applicant. Rules are not designed to make the game harder, but to make it easier for everyone in the clan to work towards growth.
If you are interested in our clan please let Peji (me), Lapin, Shawnee, or Jazzy512 know.
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Clan Name: Your Mom's House (YMH)
Clan Founder: yourmom
Clan Chief: LisaMae
# Right Hands: 2
Max # Members: 23
Clan Rank: League 2

Clan Description: Our clan is about having a good time and helping each other out. We love helping new members who play regularly learn and grow their gardens. We understand life happens and support each other thru those trials as well. It is great because we have member from all over the world so you learn things everyday.

Clan Requirements: All you ask is that you are a daily player and love to grow dragons.

Players to contact if you want to chat with us about our Clan:Feel Free to ask Our Chief Lisa Mae or Our Right Hand Mapi or Snow TIger 4
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Clan: Reverie [KoR]
Clan Leader: RiverImani
Chiefs: 2 (RiverImani, Ronniikole)
Right Hand: 1 (GIOTADERTILI)
Max # Members: 4/5
Clan League/Rank: League 8/Rank 2

We are a new guild and a small one right now but we are intent on growing our clan and helping our clan members along the way. We haven't yet started on our Ancestor Grove, but we will soon. We are looking for active players that can give a few moments a day to gameplay. All levels are welcome as long as you are putting in an effort to be active. We do not currently have any rules aside from playing daily and being courteous to the other members of the clan.

If you would like to inquire further about the clan and what we plan on achieving with this clan feel free to PM me here on the forum or send me a message in game. My name is the same here. Please feel free to look us up and apply!

DISCLAIMER: Please, if you apply and are serious about joining, give us time to accept your application before withdrawing it. At least 24 hours. It shouldn't take that long to accept but it really depends on what timezone you're in.
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Clan: Ice Cream Parlour (ICP), since April 2017
Chiefs: 3 (Mond, kleiner Wicht and Neytiri)
Right Hand: 2 (John Elder and Hell_gaa)
Members: 10/19
Clan League/Rank: League 2 / Rank 1 or 2
Ancester Dragon: Level 2

Since one year we are here in us.Magoia and we have a good time here, helping each other, and now the time is come to grow up. We are daily players and we love to grow our dragons. We have fun in our Ice Cream Parlour and playing relaxed together every day :D. Our rules are no stress but fun and let the dragons fly :D, thats all ...

An additional idea is to make a fusion with another Clan with active members! At the moment we have 9 places free, so think about this, may be this is an interesting option.

So join us, eat delicous ice cream and relax :D Send a pm ingame to Mond or Neytiri
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Clan Name: Meraz (One)
Clan Leader: Mazzify
Chiefs: Aeris64, Inez Moore
Created: June 1, 2018
Max # Members: 10
Clan Rank: League 2
Ancestor Dragon: Level 1

Clan Meraz (ONE) is made up of a mix of long-standing Magoia players and new players. We are a fun, united team who strive to keep a mixed balance of player levels as well as keeping balance in our play. We want interested, outgoing, dedicated players. We're a friendly group of people and our players rank high on the list of the most helpful players in Magoia. We are a young Clan (only 4 months old) but we are ranked League 2 with Clans much larger than ourselves by actively pursuing a balanced play style - we focus on all the fun Magoia has to offer! We just claimed our first bonus ranking in the Ancestor Grove today!

Clan Requirements: Must play daily (multiple play sessions preferred but not required) Clan Chat is in English. Forum participation is a must (of course... if you are reading this you already stalk the forums!!) :lol: - the information available and the Game Events and prizes are instrumental in creating better understanding and game play in Magoia!

Meraz (n.) a sense of oneness with the universe derived from the simplest pleasures. Magoia is our simple pleasure, we formed Meraz as a challenge to ourselves... We wanted to focus on friendly, balanced game play while still attempting to run up the Leagues without being focused on running up the Leagues. Our focus is on getting the most out of our game play and we do it all without sacrificing cheerful communication, fun team play, and a real Clan Spirit of cooperation!

Contact Mazzify, Aeris64 or Inez Moore regarding application needs or info but any of our Clan Members will be happy to assist you with questions you may have about Clan Meraz or Magoia. Come play some tag, do some gardening, and even play with some dragons along the way!
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The Magoians (Mages)
15 members (19 places)
The clan is growing and we are a nice Group.
Leader of the clan: Stormöga
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